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Emplifi unveils analysis on the airline industry’s weak points on social media

SINGAPORE — Customer engagement platform Emplifi released a comprehensive analysis of social media activity for global airline brands, focusing on customer engagement KPIs for X (the company formerly known as Twitter), Facebook, and Instagram. The goal was to better understand how airline brands are leveraging social media to handle customer care during a year of extreme growth.

Emplifi found that the Asian airline industry has a solid response time to customer care inquiries conducted over social platforms, but that’s only if they respond. Not only are airline brands failing to address customer questions on their social accounts, they are experiencing a significant dip in positive sentiment on X. When looking at the most mentioned Asian airline brands on X, Air India wins the top spot. Followed behind by Indigo and Qantas Airlines.

After being deeply impacted by the pandemic, the travel sector is making massive strides toward recouping losses and reestablishing its financial stability. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has reported an impressive surge in airline ticket revenue, reaching nearly record-breaking levels of $805 billion for the year 2023. However, challenges persist, particularly in customer service — a key area of business that has major implications for airline brands.


With 86% of consumers willing to abandon a once-trusted brand after just two negative customer experiences, airlines especially are under increasing pressure to provide seamless and stress-free travel experiences. With so much activity happening across the travel industry, Emplifi conducted an extensive analysis of social media accounts owned by global airline brands to gauge customer engagement rates across X, Instagram, and Facebook, between January 2020 to July 2023.

Most mentioned airlines on X (Twitter) in 2023

Air India (185,638 mentions) took the lead for 2023, garnering the highest number of mentions on X thus far, while other Asia-based airlines followed close behind: Qantas Airline (43,853 mentions), AirAsia (29,603 mentions), and Singapore Airlines (24,714 mentions).

Twitter, now known as X, dominated by negative sentiment

Directed at Airlines across the world, the stress of air travel often leads passengers to seek rapid solutions via social media and X has been a critical source of real-time customer support for airlines. Interestingly, negative sentiment in public comments towards global airline brands on the platform has remained consistent, hovering between 32% and 26% between the peak of the pandemic in 2020 all the way into 2023.

In Asia, while negative sentiment has remained around the 20-30% range for nearly three years, the more notable finding is that positive sentiment on public airline tweets has decreased for the first time since the pandemic.

Response rate shows improvement, but stagnation persists

While airlines have implemented social care strategies, there has been limited progress in the post-pandemic era. Following the turbulence of Covid-19, 2021 witnessed global airlines achieving their best response rate to user queries, averaging 23% across platforms (Facebook and X).

However, the percentage of questions answered on social media platforms has stagnated in 2023. On average, only 25% of public questions asked in the comments on a brand’s post receive responses, leaving a substantial 75% unanswered.

While most questions go unanswered, response times are fast

When compared to other industries around the world, the airline industry falls on the lower end of the social care spectrum. For example, in terms of social care, the telecom industry is the top-performing industry on Facebook and X — the airline industry answers 40% fewer questions, on average, compared to telecom companies.

Shift in customer questions via social media

In response to the pandemic’s disruptions, the number of questions posed to airlines via social media surged, aligning with lockdowns and travel restrictions in early 2020. Remarkably, the peak questions during the pandemic gradually diminished in the summer months of 2023. July marked the lowest number of average questions (17 for the month) directed at airlines via X, while February experienced the highest number of average questions (38 for the month) worldwide.

“While brands recognize the importance of top-tier customer service, staying aligned with rapidly evolving expectations is a challenge,” said Emplifi Chief Marketing Officer Zarnaz Arlia. “The airline industry, in particular, needs constant refinement of their social care strategy. Our analysis shows there’s room for improvement. By prioritizing customer care on social platforms, airlines not only meet customers where they are but also foster loyalty, encouraging advocacy and, in the end, driving profits.”

You can find Emplifi’s full report on airline brands’ social media engagement trends here.

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