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Hong Kong’s reputation as a financial hub is shaken after 2023, according to CARMA’s latest study

HONG KONG — Intelligence media provider CARMA has released a new report that analyzes the media coverage and reputation pillars surrounding the financial industries of Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai. 

A positive perception of a market in international tier-1 media, reflects stability, transparency, and trustworthiness.  

The report focuses on the volume of financial coverage of the three city-states and ranks the editorial media themes associated with each of them.


“Reputation directly impacts investor confidence, business attractiveness, and global competitiveness,” Charles Cheung, General Manager for Hong Kong at CARMA, commented. “A strong reputation can mitigate risks during economic downturns or geopolitical uncertainties by instilling trust and credibility among stakeholders.”

Following a challenging year for Hong Kong, the report identifies that while Hong Kong had the highest volume of financial coverage among the three markets, it also had the highest proportion of negative news.

An analysis of the top themes for each market reveals that IPOs and capital markets (Hong Kong), cross-border Investments and transactions (Singapore), and real estate markets (Dubai) captured the most media attention.

Sustainable finance and ESG investments coverage was relatively limited, suggesting a wariness of ‘greenwashing’ when reporting on sustainability. This poses an opportunity for markets to actively create global conversations that align with their objectives, in a way that genuinely resonates with audiences.

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