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Gerety Awards, through Cossette, highlights the power of unique creative vision

SINGAPORE — As the standard deadline approaches, the Gerety Awards has relaunched its call for entries campaign, created by renowned Canadian agency Cossette, to emphasize the unique perspective of the Gerety Jury and the importance of its vision.

More than 200 judges from 47 countries will join the 2024 Gerety Awards, with in-person jury sessions held in 15 locations. Gerety is open to all advertising agencies, advertisers, studios, and production companies worldwide. Both national and international campaigns may compete. The only judging criteria are the originality of the idea and creativity in its execution.

In addition to defining the shortlist, the executive jury sessions each select the agency and production company of the year from their country. This is chosen from the entrants of the Portfolio Cut.

The 2024 Gerety Awards deadline is April 12. The Gerety Jury. A Powerful Perspective. Enter here.

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