Insight: Hakuhudo releases “Survey of Sei-katsu-sha Concerning COVID-19: Special Report”

TOKYO, JAPAN — Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living, a think tank of Hakuhodo Inc., has conducted its “Survey of Sei-katsu-sha Concerning COVID-19” monthly since April 2020.

The most recent survey, conducted in April, contained new items regarding new realizations and intention of maintaining current lifestyle one year into the COVID-19 pandemic. This special report covers findings from the new items in the survey, which was conducted April 1–5 in the Greater Tokyo (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama and Ibaraki Prefectures), Greater Nagoya (Aichi, Mie and Gifu Prefectures) and Hanshin (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo and Nara Prefectures) areas, targeting 1,500 males and females aged 20–69. See p. 6 for the survey outline.

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