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Insight: The shift towards insights-based solutions in the name of successful omnichannel campaigns

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — MoEngage, the insights-led customer engagement platform for consumer brands, has announced the launch of its flagship research report titled “The State of Insights-led Engagement 2022” aimed at empowering marketers with insights-led strategies to take their hyper-personalized experiences to the next level.

The Southeast Asia (SEA) market has more or less successfully transitioned to be digitally prominent to accommodate the growing digital audience. While data is revered, insights simply elevate it to the next level. Marketers must become more insight-driven instead of relying on stagnant data silos. This has paved the way for Customer Engagement Platforms to stand out from Customer Relationship Management and Customer Data Platforms in the form of engagement and retention needs.

MoEngage reached out to prominent marketers in SEA, which included managers, senior managers, directors, and C-level executives, in its quest to raise awareness about taking an insights-led approach to engagement and the benefits of a Customer Engagement Platform.


MoEngage uncovered a plethora of insights on the current customer engagement scenario, customers’ mindsets, customers’ purchase journey, and brands campaigns, in addition to how brands can implement insights-led engagement strategies, after surveying over 2,000 marketers from four verticals (Banking and Insurance, Ed-tech, Retail, and Hospitality) within the SEA region and recording their findings in The State of Insights-led Engagement Report 2022.

Some key insights from The State of Insights-led Engagement 2022 Report:

  • For almost 30% of SEA marketers, lack of real-time analytics remains the top challenge, possibly due to limitations with their tech stack.
  • 26% of SEA marketers use CRMs as their most preferred customer tech stack.
  • E-mail, social messaging apps (WhatsApp and FB Messenger), and social media platforms remain the most used digital channels across all industries and company sizes. This may be attributed to increased smartphone usage.
  • 22.9% of respondents said they run engagement campaigns that utilize machine learning to analyze customer data and set automated communication.
  • 38.2% of SEA marketers measure the most engaging customer segment. Marketers also measure long-term impact on business, such as revenue (34.9%) and the number of purchases, opens, clicks, or content viewed (26.9%).
  • 40% of SEA marketers appreciate that customer, campaign and journey insights have a high impact and around 34.8% are neutral on the impact that insights have on their business metrics.

“The modern consumer values personalization and expects brands to reflect this across all channels. Using mass, undifferentiated communication is no longer sufficient, and actually increases the risk of losing the customer. To ensure meaningful engagement, brands must reassess their strategy with each new channel added to the marketing mix. This report sheds light on the survey findings and guides marketers who want to transition from a campaign-centric to an insights-led, customer-centric approach to engagement,” said Saurabh Madan, the vice president and general manager at MoEngage, Southeast Asia.

From the report’s findings, it is apparent that brands must evolve to be more insight-driven, and consumer brands must transition from traditional and archaic engagement strategies to future-proof ones. MoEngage strives to provide holistic insights-led solutions to the quandary of customer personalization, ensuring a delightful experience.

Download the full report here.

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