Unlocking the future: Havas Ortega’s Prosumer Reports spotlight the leading edge of consumers

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In a world where trends evolve rapidly, the challenge of staying ahead is embraced by a select group known as Prosumers – the avant-garde 15-20% of consumers who define trends before they reach the mainstream market. Havas Prosumer Reports, a series of thought leadership publications for over 10 years, is part of a global initiative to share information and insights across the expansive Havas network, including the Philippines with Havas Ortega.

Defining Prosumers

Prosumers, not just consumers, are the trailblazers of market dynamics. Known for their forward-thinking mindset, they adopt ideas six to 18 months ahead of the public. Influential trendsetters in their social circles, Prosumers are driven by a proactive approach to purchasing decisions, with social and environmental consciousness shaping their choices and influencing the rest. 

Navigating Diverse Topics

Havas’ Prosumer Reports cover a wide array of topics, reflecting the ever-evolving landscape of consumer priorities. From gender and health to urbanization, food, finance, and technology, each report delves into the pulse of current trends. This diversity allows the Havas Network Prosumer teams to offer a comprehensive understanding of the evolving consumer landscape.


adobo Talks and Havas Prosumer: The New Power of Communities

Adobo Magazine collaborated with Havas Ortega for the Prosumer Study “The New Power of Communities.” This exploration involves selecting leading Prosumers who represent specific communities, unlocking the potential of collective influence. 

The partnership with Adobo Magazine brings forth a fresh perspective to the main study. By having Prosumers within distinct communities speak out and share their point of view in a session for Adobo Talks. This sheds light on how these influential individuals contribute to the emergence of genuine collaboration that brands can apply for their strategies.

Moderated by Havas Ortega Strategy Director Gian De La Cruz and adobo Magazine Creative Director Chaz Requiña, with our Prosumer Panel Jesse Liang (Founder, Basically Borrowed for Sustainable Fashion), Gab Villegas (Founder, Escolta Hub and The Den for Independent Creatives), Eric “Eruption” Tai (Actor and Professional Arena of Valor esports player with Ampverse for Gaming), Janlee Dungca (LGBTQIA rights activist, HIV counselor for Diversity and Inclusivity), and publicist Rachel De Guzman, (SB19 Fan Club representative and Community Admin for Music Fandoms). Watch this release on December 07, 2023.

Havas Ortega’s Filipino Prosumers Studies remains a beacon for local businesses and marketers, offering insights into the trends that will shape future marketing strategies. Havas Prosumer Studies are more than a publication; they are a compass for navigating deeper insights with consumers, providing a roadmap for businesses to connect authentically in the ever-changing landscape of consumer behavior.

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Partner with adobo Magazine

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