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Cebuana singer-songwriter Karencitta captures the high of meeting your soulmate in new R&B single, 6SENSE

`MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Self-made singer-songwriter from Cebu, Karencitta, prepares to wow fans with her powerful new single “6SENSE.” The song describes the intimate feeling of meeting your soulmate for the first time and awakening an out-of-body sensation that connects you to that person.

On writing “6SENSE”

Karencitta wrote this song in a self-reflective state, noting that meeting a soulmate is a “once-in-a-lifetime” chance. Due to its rarity, it is among Karencitta’s favorite types of attraction.


“The song is about having an unexplainable connection with someone that runs deeper beyond a physical attraction. And essentially, it’s almost like you’re addicted to being with that person.”

She said she had fun writing the lyrics for “6SENSE” because each verse explains and describes a genuine feeling of how it’s like to be with someone you share a connection with. These genuine emotions might be overwhelming for most, but for Karencitta, it’s something she welcomed and used to write her next song.

Karencitta expressed that this track allowed her to convey a powerful emotion and feeling that she found hard to put into simple words.

“Sometimes, you can’t explain a connection with a stranger who had made zero impact on your life, but then you feel that emotional connection even with someone right from the first moment you met. It’s that mutual bond that started while neither of you anticipated it to come.”

With most Filipinos being in touch with their romantic side, “6SENSE” definitely has an audience in the local OPM scene, maybe even outside Karencitta’s fanbase.

Going out of her comfort zone

According to Karencitta, this track is an emotional one. Unlike her previous singles, “6SENSE” leans more on the R&B/Soul genre, which is something the fans haven’t heard before but have been craving.

Additionally, “6SENSE” allowed Karencitta to show off her vocal chops, which weren’t commonly heard in her previous singles. Meanwhile, the track’s instrumental delivers a soulful and nostalgic sound that enhances the R&B vibe of the song.

Overall, the blend of Karencitta’s voice and the instrumentals perfectly encapsulates and matches the song’s core.

“The use of bass and guitar can add a sense of depth and rawness to the music, allowing the song’s message to come through more strongly.”

In her songwriting, conveying the song’s message is important to Karencitta. She and her team have put their minds together to write and produce this powerful and emotionally resonant song, hoping that her fans can relate to the experience.

With lyrics like “I could read your mind even when I’m blind,” the single is shaping to be a love song with fans swooning. And when a track is dubbed by the artist as one of their favorite in their discography thus far, then it is undoubtedly one you don’t want to miss.

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