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Spotify’s Playlist in a Bottle returns for a unique musical reflection

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Celebrate the new year with a delightful musical time-travel experience. Spotify’s Playlist in a Bottle is back, and listeners can now go on a nostalgic journey by revisiting the tunes that captured their hearts a year ago. 

Back in January 2023, Spotify invited listeners to create their musical time capsules by choosing songs that resonated with them at that moment in time. Starting this January, fans will get those long-awaited capsules to look back on the music they loved and reflect on how their listening evolved through the year.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Visit on your mobile device. 
  • Choose “Claim Your Playlist” where you can look back at what songs were sealed in your musical time capsule. 
  • Save and listen to your complete 2023 Playlist in a Bottle.

Users can also create an all-new Playlist in a Bottle that can’t be opened until 2025. Users will answer questions like “What song brings out my alter-ego?” and “What song describes my relationship status?” to help curate their playlist. This year, they’ll also be able to write a note for their future selves.


Here’s how to do it: 

  • Visit on your mobile device. 
  • Select where you want to store your playlist – it could be an actual bottle, a snow globe, a flip phone, a tiny bird’s nest, or a rice cooker… Even a dumpster! 
  • Complete a series of song-inspired prompts like “A song that reminds you of your favorite person,” “A song your great-grandkids will be confused about,” “A song you put your friends on to,” and more! 
  • Draw a note for your future self, capturing something you want to remember about this moment when your capsule is delivered next year. 
  • Finally, “seal” your musical time capsule and post your #PlaylistInABottle sharecard to your favorite social channels! 

Have fun preparing your personalized musical time capsules! Check out and head to Spotify’s For the Record for more details. 

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