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Avon International announces data analytics partnership with SalesTube

WARSAW, POLAND — MarTech and e-commerce connected agency SalesTube, a division of Group One, Serviceplan Group’s agency in Poland, have been selected by Avon International as consultants for a global project in the field of marketing data analytics.

One of the key elements of Avon’s digital transformation is a change in approach to analyzing the effectiveness of marketing activities at all stages of the customer’s purchase journey. The project, being carried out by SalesTube with the support of Value Media’s strategy department, aims to build a unified matrix that will enable improved business decision-making in multiple markets and provide a cohesive analysis of trends.

SalesTube, the leader of MarTech and e-commerce in Central and Eastern Europe, has become a consultant on the KPI Matrix, a project unifying the approach to collecting and analyzing marketing data for one of the most famous brands in the FMCG sector in the world. The agency will carry out an international audit and mapping of needs at various stages of the consumer purchasing journey. As a result, recommendations of key KPIs and a data visualization project will be created, which in turn will facilitate efficient business decision-making for the client in the future.


Work on unifying the data collection and analysis process is being carried out simultaneously in many markets, including Poland, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Romania, South Africa, and the Philippines.

Aleksandra Lenarczyk, Head of Global Digital Marketing, AVON, commented: “The beauty business has been going through huge shifts in trends, behaviors, and consumer expectations in recent years. It is a big challenge for international brands to analyze consumer behavior in a consistent way and make strategic business decisions based on available omnichannel data. Cooperation with SalesTube on the KPI Matrix project is a key step towards AVON’s digital transformation and analysis of the omnichannel approach. We hope that this project will make it easier for us to access marketing data in many markets at the same time and it will be used to create a better future for consumers and AVON consultants.”

SalesTube will also be responsible for creating the “Global Playbook” document which is to be a practical guide with recommendations, strategies, and implementations for all AVON markets. This area of cooperation between the agency and the client will have a real impact on building the culture of a digitally mature organization, both in the area of using, transferring, and adapting data.

Implementation of a consistent process will provide Avon International with a more accurate analysis of the marketing situation in individual countries, and will also enable direct comparison between them, which will ultimately translate into more accurate business decisions on the part of the client.

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