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Cheil’s Experience Commerce to boost Western Refrigeration’s social media presence

MUMBAI, INDIA — Experience Commerce, an integrated digital agency within Cheil Network, has won the annual social media mandate for Western Refrigeration, India’s largest commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer. This significant win comes after a rigorous multi-agency pitch process and positions Experience Commerce to spearhead and execute comprehensive social media campaigns for Western Refrigeration across various social media platforms i.e., Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Youtube. 

As part of this strategic partnership, Experience Commerce will focus on enhancing Western Refrigeration’s digital presence by elevating brand awareness, engaging the target audience, and driving organic growth on social media platforms. The agency’s approach will include showcasing product excellence, fostering customer engagement, and building brand loyalty through compelling and informative content. The emphasis will also be on developing thought-provoking posts to encourage audience interaction, sharing, and advocacy, expanding the reach and visibility of the Western Refrigeration brand. 

Additionally, the agency will also emphasize the company’s Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility initiatives, aligning with the values of eco-conscious consumers and enhancing the overall brand image. The comprehensive strategy aims to build a vibrant and active community for the brand but also generate high-quality leads for sustained business growth. 


Parmeet Singh, Executive Director of Western Refrigeration, commented, “With a legacy of over 50 years Western Refrigeration has witnessed exponential growth which has helped it become a Market Leader. Beginning this year, we are committed to making substantial investments in fortifying our digital presence and harnessing the power of social media to showcase the excellence of our products and engage with our consumers digitally. After a meticulous selection process for our social media partner, we chose Experience Commerce based on their innovative pitch and demonstrated expertise. We eagerly anticipate a successful partnership that will further solidify Western Refrigeration’s standing as a trusted industry leader.” 

Meera Ghare, VP of Business Development
at Experience Commerce

Meera Ghare, VP of Business Development at Experience Commerce, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Western Refrigeration to enhance their digital presence. Our strategic approach aligns with their business objectives, and by amplifying the brand’s unique selling points, we are confident in delivering compelling and tactful social media strategies that will elevate the brand’s position in today’s digital market.” 

With over 16 years in the industry, Experience Commerce is a full-service digital native agency that specializes in providing end-to-end marketing solutions to brands. By leveraging compelling data insights and creativity, the agency aims to create brand experiences that drive revenue for its clients. 

This collaboration between Experience Commerce and Western Refrigeration is poised to inject a fresh perspective into the brand’s social marketing strategies, cultivating a vibrant community and enabling the brand to forge a positive digital image among its consumers, contributing effectively to its business objectives. 

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