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Creative mandate for Keya Foods goes to Punt Creative

MUMBAI, INDIA — Part of the indie network Punt Partners, co-founded by Late Sidharth Rao and Madhu Sudhan and presently led by Priyanka Agarwal and Madhu Sudhan, Punt Creative has been entrusted with the creative mandate for Keya Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Keya Foods’ products have held a place in our pantries for years and over time have become synonymous with international dishes prepared at home. As the company embarks on a product expansion strategy, aiming to elevate brand awareness and saliency, it presents an exciting challenge and opportunity for Punt Creative. The agency intends to forge an assertive creative growth strategy to bolster the brand’s expansion endeavours.

Sumera Dewan

Commenting on the win, Sumera Dewan, President of Punt Creative, said, “FMCG is one of the fastest-growing sectors, having experienced unprecedented expansion in recent years. We’re thrilled about partnering with Keya, considering their aspirations to establish a stronger presence in Indian kitchens. Our efforts lie in pushing the creative boundaries to develop effective campaigns, supporting the brand’s online and offline footprint while attaining their objectives.”

Rohan Naterwalla

Rohan Naterwalla, Sr. Creative Director, Punt Creative, added, “Before you continue reading, do one thing – go to your kitchen and check for Keya products. You’ll almost certainly have at least one of them. Here’s an FMCG brand whose products we’ve actually enjoyed over the years and yet there’s very little we’ve heard regarding its portfolio. As a creative unit, the challenge of building long-term recognition for a pre-established product line like Keya’s has been a really fulfilling endeavour. With Keya enlarging its portfolio every other month, we’ll be there to make sure that the brand now resides in our collective consciousness.”

Sunil Pandey

Sunil Pandey, Head of Sales & Marketing, Keya Foods, said, “We’re excited to announce Punt Creative as our official creative agency. Their innovation, expertise, and enthusiasm align with our goal to expand the brand’s customer base. As international dishes gain traction in Indian homes, we see the importance of showcasing Keya Foods’ unique qualities. Our nationwide reach, diverse portfolio, and millions of packs sold underscore our position, synonymous with international ingredients and flavors. This partnership with Punt Creative brings a fresh brand perspective, and we’re eager to create impactful campaigns, refresh our offerings’ presentation, and boost customer engagement.”

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