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Havas unveils content-at-scale network Prose on Pixels with an AI-powered ‘audience first’ model

PARIS, FRANCE — Havas announced the launch of Prose on Pixels – an exciting, unified offer uniquely equipped to elevate the impact content delivers to brands, businesses and their audiences. Launching with an AI-powered, engagement-centric “audience first” model, Prose on Pixels will work with agencies, their clients, and, increasingly, direct-to-clients to break through and connect with audiences by creating, scaling, and personalizing impactful, meaningful content that delivers the best possible business outcomes.  

Led by Steve Netzley, who assumes the role of Global CEO, and Paul Ward as Global President, the new, standalone network further unifies the various production practices that exist across Havas’ global networks, bringing creative, BETC, health, and media studios together to operate as one unified global content creation offering. When abbreviated, Prose on Pixels becomes “POP” – a respectful nod and an added opportunity to leverage the name of the latest asset within this exciting network: BETC’s General POP.  

Comprising over 550 talents across 13 locations, Prose on Pixels integrates Havas’ network of expertise and maximizes the affiliation with the wider Vivendi Group through technology, tools, and, of course, talent.  


“As the most integrated communications group in the industry, Havas is incredibly well positioned to leverage its wide network of expertise and unique position within Vivendi to deliver meaningful content at scale to brands, business,es and audiences. AI’s potential to accelerate the impact of the “Audience First” model is truly exciting and presents a unique opportunity to deliver unprecedented business outcomes for our clients,“ commented Yannick Bolloré, Chairman and CEO of Havas.  

“’Audience first’ enables us to meaningfully engage in the creative process by representing the voices the content is intended to reach. It also allows us to reuse, recycle, and optimize assets through our scale and personalize offerings with a high degree of confidence and realistic expectation of success that we wouldn’t have otherwise. With ‘Audience First’, we’ve reimagined content creation through the data-informed lens of the audiences we’ve been charged with reaching, and I’m very excited about the promise this strategy brings to our clients and their brands,” commented Steve Netzley, Global CEO of Prose on Pixels.

“We’re ambitious, hungry, and have a unique model. The idea of reducing volume, but increasing the impact of the content we make, is a strong differentiator to the competition,” added Paul Ward, Global President of Prose on Pixels.  

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