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Manulife and Manulife China Bank Life launch WealthOne, designed for long-term investors

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — International financial services provider Manulife has launched WealthOne, a comprehensive single-pay variable life insurance plan that enables Filipinos to grow their wealth and preserve their legacy by investing in a wide variety of funds that fit their preferences and goals.

WealthOne provides customers with flexible life insurance coverage that can go as high as 500% of their single premium, and a guaranteed start-up bonus equal to 1.5%. In addition, customers can boost their coverage by adding protection benefits and they can also choose from a wide range of local and global investment funds to diversify and maximize their earning potential. WealthOne also offers a hassle-free policy application experience, with no medical requirements needed as long as certain conditions and limits are applied.

“We have launched WealthOne to cater to the growing number of Filipinos who have achieved success in their careers, businesses, and other endeavors, and who now want to ensure that their loved ones and succeeding generations will benefit from their legacy,” said Rahul Hora, President and Chief Executive Officer of Manulife Philippines.


Also available for Manulife China Bank Life customers, WealthOne has been designed for long-term investors such as thriving professionals looking to grow their wealth through a diversified portfolio of assets, high net-worth individuals with acquired assets who are interested in estate planning, and business owners looking for practical solutions to ensure business continuity.

“WealthOne aims to match Filipinos’ protection needs while helping them grow their money so they can achieve their financial aspirations,” said Neil Bowyer, President and CEO of MCBL.

Through WealthOne, customers can also choose from a wide range of local and global funds to maximize their earning potential. Those funds include the recently launched Global Market Leaders Fund, which aims to achieve capital growth by investing at least 80% of its assets in a concentrated portfolio of equities of large-capitalization companies listed globally.

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