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Sendbird connects teams and systems in new business messaging solution, underlining the ‘omnichannel’ promise

SINGAPORE — Sendbird, the communications platform used by the world’s most popular mobile apps, announced its latest innovation: Sendbird Business Messaging. This mobile software & API solution is explicitly designed to empower teams like product, operations, engineering, customer service, and systems to deliver critical customer messages via the most relevant channels so that no message goes unnoticed.

Whether sending a patient checklist before a doctor’s appointment, notifying a traveler about a flight delay, letting shoppers know about traffic or weather issues impeding their delivery time, or giving users a coupon to smooth over a customer service issue, Sendbird provides the only communication tool tailored for efficient delivery of urgent and essential messages across the user journey.

Sendbird Business Messaging offers a sophisticated, omnichannel messaging software & API solution that offers SMS, push notifications, WhatsApp, and in-app notifications. Its innovative channel sequencing feature prioritizes low-cost, high-performing channels over alternative channels, only triggered when needed. This approach minimizes the number of messages sent and reduces costs, preventing customers from being overwhelmed with haphazard messages sent all at once across channels.


“To date, businesses chased after the omnichannel promise by stringing together disparate communications software and APIs to reach their audience,” said Sendbird CEO and Co-founder John S. Kim. “With Sendbird Business Messaging, for the first time, any team, not only marketing, can message customers across channels like SMS, WhatsApp, mobile push, or in-app to deliver mission-critical communication. Not only does this up-level the customer experience, it does so with incredible performance and dramatic cost reduction.”

In today’s attention economy, optimizing communications for the best user experience while optimizing for costs is challenging. Sendbird Business Messaging solves these two problems simultaneously.

“Sendbird Business Messaging has been fantastic for our business. Since deploying it, we’ve experienced a 78% open rate in-app and 30% cost savings overall due to SMS costs cutting with highly effective channels, like in-app,” said Apurva Shetty, Product Manager at Porter. “The app integration flexibility that Sendbird provides allowed us to create a dedicated space where users can find critical messages easily and on their own schedule. This less fragmented and intrusive delivery approach improves performance.”

Sendbird Business Messaging is gaining significant attention internationally among fully digitalized businesses, mainly because of the restrictions on SMS opt-ins. By incorporating in-app messaging into their communication strategies, companies can dramatically expand their reach to nearly 100% of their customer base (typically 30% in highly SMS-regulated regions). This approach allows higher delivery rates of more relevant and persistent content, increasing conversions and reducing costs.

Sendbird Business Messaging Is the definitive solution for product managers looking to empower all business teams and engineers with effective mobile customer messaging. It combines operational user-friendliness with technical flexibility, ensuring quick implementation and extensive customizability. Critical software and API features include:

  • Mobile omnichannel communications:
    • In-app messaging
    • Push notifications
    • WhatsApp
    • SMS
  • A unifying dashboard for all teams:
    • Message drafting and templating
    • Omnichannel campaign building and templating
    • Multi-layer analytics for campaigns, channels, and users
  • Developer tools:
    • One-line of code in-app feed UI Kit integrations for iOS & Android
    • Flexible iOS & Android SDKs for custom implementations
    • A unified API for system integrations

A single API for developers

As an innovator in mobile omnichannel notification Software and API, Sendbird’s new solution provides a unified API for SMS, WhatsApp, push, and in-app notifications. This enables developers to create custom workflows with their systems to send personal and bulk messages to customers from their CRMs, logistics, or payment stack—For example, sending a transaction receipt of a food order. With iOS & Android UI Kits and SDKs, developers can swiftly integrate notification feeds into their apps using a single line of code or craft customized integrations.

Just as Sendbird changes the game for underserved business teams, it also streamlines integrations, maintenance, and development for software engineers.

To learn more, visit the Sendbird Business Messaging product page.

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