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Sven tops charts as Spotify Philippines’ new social agency

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — SVEN – The Digital 1st Agency is on a mission to make digital refreshing for the good of brands and consumers alike, and that now includes global audio streaming giant Spotify. After a five-month pitch and deliberation process, SVEN was recently appointed as its new social media agency for the Philippines.

Aligned with its mission to unlock human creativity, Spotify is looking to connect deeper with the Filipino youth — today’s shapers of social, music, and popular culture. They’re aware of the latest trends, are unafraid to start their own, regularly engage with communities about their passions, and excel at multiple creative endeavors.

Spotify found its match in local independent agency SVEN, which literally means “youth” in Scandinavian. Chief Creative and Strategy Officer Raizelle So shared, “This partnership affirms our youth orientation and focus on being digital first. We’re excited to enrich the brand’s social experience in a way that’s authentic, deeply personal, and rooted in local culture.”


SVEN’s innovative takes on digital and understanding of youth culture have driven its partners to connect with young audiences across local channels. Spotify is more than ready to make its mark as an iconic culture driver with SVEN. The brand has continuously tried to drive local genres like P-Pop and local hip-hop both online and offline in the past year, and has no plans to stop anytime soon.

Spotify and SVEN are more than ready to shape local young culture and foster creativity by uplifting local talents and genres across the nation. With their collaboration starting this May, both are set to refresh what digital can be for Filipino youth – one social hit at a time.

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