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G&A welcomes new hires to growing design team: Christopher Fung, Anthony Dong and Christina Latina

WASHINGTON DC, USA — Drawing award-winning talent from across the industry, interdisciplinary experience design studio G&A announces the addition of Christopher Fung as Head of Interactive Design, Anthony Dong as Head of Exhibition Design, and Christina Latina as a Senior Graphic Designer. Each brings a host of invaluable skills and history with some of the most acclaimed brands and organizations, helping them tell transformative stories through design.

With a diverse career as a visual storyteller and creative technologist, Christopher brings an audience-centered lens – finding unique opportunities at the intersection of physical, digital, and experiential design. Formerly a creative director at Local Projects, Christopher has lived past lives as a VFX supervisor, created award-winning music videos, and designed installation artwork for The New York Times and the Guggenheim Museum. This experience – navigating between the worlds of entertainment, advertising, technology, and design – has afforded him a unique perspective on how to blend G&A’s many talents in unconventional ways. It has also made him singularly suited to continually refine their production capabilities and creative partnerships.

Anthony has created exhibits for more than a decade and is an ardent believer in the power of artfully designed physical spaces to engage visitors, provoke introspection, and promote learning. Previously, he applied these beliefs at Local Projects and Ralph Appelbaum Associates, while also advocating for greater sustainability, accessibility, and relevance in an ever-evolving industry. At G&A, he will help create environments that foster a sense of belonging, fulfilling visitors’ desire for experiences that are personally affecting yet universal.


Lastly, Christina brings 15 years of experience working on art, culture, historical exhibitions, and branded experiences to her new role as Senior Graphic Designer. Boasting a vast portfolio of projects – including for The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library, Museum of the Moving Image as well as Microsoft, IBM, Pantone, and Google – her work pairs tactical insight with beauty and sensitivity. Working with G&A’s design team, she will enable new and deeper understandings of history, and use design to connect with new audiences in more personal and meaningful ways.

“We are constantly seeking innovative ways to combine emerging technologies with both traditional and new design methods to evolve our experience design practice. These leaders are the best in their fields at harmonizing the best of legacy with contemporary approaches and are helping us explore new possibilities in storytelling for the industry and our clients,” explained G&A CEO Scott Wickstrom. “Their enormous impact is already being felt across all of our work at G&A. I’m excited to see where their talent and dedication continue to take us.”

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