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Internationally awarded creative duo Emily Joe and Simone Louis return to Colenso BBDO

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – Senior creative team Emily Joe and Simone Louis join Colenso from The Monkeys Aotearoa, and prior to that TBWA, where they first consciously coupled as a creative team.

Emily is the author and illustrator of an award-winning children’s book, My Cat Can See Ghosts, as well as pre-award-winning book, My Real Dog.

Simone, who worked in Sydney and New York before returning to New Zealand, has two small children. In her free time she ponders what it would be like to have free time.


It’s something of a return home for the creative pair, as they both started their careers at Colenso.

In their words: “Colenso gave us both our first jobs, in different eras, so there are a lot of good memories here for both of us. It’s exciting to be here with this lovely collection of humans, trying our best to make work that impacts culture.”

Colenso BBDO CCO Si Vicars said, “I’ve worked with both Emily and Simone before but never with their powers combined. It’s exciting to have their incredible craft and creativity in our department, and great to welcome them both back to Colenso”

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