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More Media adds Director Dwayne Logan to roster of talents with his commercial and social work portfolio

Dwayne Logan

CALIFORNIA, USA — Athlete, dancer, music producer and director Dwayne Logan is on a mission to change lives through his art. That’s what inspired LA-based production company More Media to sign the director, whose work includes commercial shorts for Jeep, Nike, and Yelp; TV promos for Disney, Nascar and YouTube, and the searing short film about the impacts of racism, Black Thoughts, which Logan describes as “a lamentation for a systematically oppressed and dehumanized people.”

“Working with Dwayne means having years of knowledge on set and witnessing a director who’s always in tune with a shoot’s unique pulse,” said Stephen Buchanon, More Media’s Founder and Managing Director. “He naturally knows when to apply pressure and when to let things breathe.”

Born and raised in Chicago, Dwayne grew up in the underserved South Side neighborhood, steeped in sports, music, dance, design and a desire to spread love – elements that show up in his films in distinct ways. Local gospel, hip hop and R&B melodies spawned dance battles with his siblings, later transforming Logan into a choreographer with a penchant for incorporating movement and rhythm into his shorts. Similarly, by spending much of his youth street tumbling, Dwayne would go on to become a competitive gymnast and USAG coach, working with toddlers and teens alike.


“As a gymnastics coach and mentor, I noticed that my athletes were being greatly impacted by their favorite music, films and tv shows. That’s when everything clicked. I realized that I could help more of them simply by learning to communicate through those avenues,” he shared. “I want those who feel unseen to feel perceived and humanized. I want to motivate people to build bridges and to find themselves fellowshipping at unfamiliar tables. I’m convinced that short-form content is one of the most potent arrows in my quiver which will allow me to hit those marks.”

As he joins More Media, Dwayne Logan will continue his focus on the short form. While enthusiastic about sharing stories of love that portray and impact people of diverse demographics, he also takes great pride in being able to spotlight authentic Black characters and their underrepresented stories.

In a recent campaign for Jeep Wagoneer, Dwayne weaved dynamic shots of the car between captivating interviews with largely unsung Black car designers, while, in his short film, Black Thoughts, he communicated a vulnerable and honest experience of being Black in America. Likewise, his promo for the new Disney series The Crossover, which centered on the story of two teen ballers, used dramatic lighting, intimate tête-à-têtes, and dynamic athleticism to convey a story of familial bonds, challenged by obstacles on-court and off.

“When I first met Dwayne, I instantly knew he was a creative I wanted to work with,” affirmed Stephen. “His eye and care for people is what drew me in so quickly.”

“A major goal of my work is to inspire difficult but critically important conversations about our society. Stephen and I share this desire and want to change the world around us,” reciprocated Dwayne. “We operate with honor, integrity, and most of all, love.”

This marks Logan’s first U.S. commercial signing. Logan is also signed with Method & Madness for Midwest representation.

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