People: DDB Group Hong Kong promotes Adrian Tso to Head of Strategy

HONG KONG — Adrian Tso, previously Group Strategy Director of DDB Group Hong Kong, has been promoted to Head of Strategy for the agency group.

Tso, hailing from a brand agency background, has been with DDB since 2015 and a part of the group’s leadership team since 2019. He is a regular APAC Effie judge and recently won a Gold and Silver at the MAA Globes, and a Silver at the Dragons of Asia for his work.

DDB launched a renewed global brand positioning last year, “Unexpected Works” encapsulating their long-held belief that creativity is the most powerful force in business, and in his new role Adrian will continue to lead the agency’s strategy team, focusing on the “works”, driving effectiveness for clients.


Adrian will also now focus on delivering deeper insights for clients across the board by better integrating DDB’s in-house data offering into the strategic process, as well as spearheading the agency’s brand strategy and design offering, which has seen significant growth in the past year, particularly in the fintech and crypto space.

Said Andreas Krasser, CEO of DDB Group Hong Kong, “Adrian is analytical and creative at the same time, but what I admire about him most is how much he cares. There is literally no brief he doesn’t feel passionate about – once he sinks his teeth into a problem, he is 200% committed to solving it. He always says he’d rather be respected for his work than his personality, but I hate to break it to him that everyone who works with him, enjoys doing so because of both. I am super happy for Adrian and can’t wait to see what he achieves in his new role.”

Adrian Tso commented, “I am very fortunate to have found a home at DDB, a place that really invests in and values strategy. Our mandate is simple – to drive effectiveness. And in a world of consumerism, effectiveness comes in many forms. Brands carry a lot of power. Of course, they can move hearts and win minds to their own end, but at the same time, the platforms they command and the influence they possess can nudge the national conversation, if not outright steer it. And I find it to be both a privilege and a pleasure to be right at the centre of where these forces of influence take shape. So effectiveness in driving value for clients? That goes without saying. But every so often comes the opportunity to also affect change in the social consciousness – and that I get to do for me.”

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