People: Jang-Yong Kim is promoted to CEO of BBDO Korea

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — BBDO Asia has announced that with effect from April 15th 2022, Jang-Yong Kim will lead BBDO Korea, as it strives to achieve greater success in the near future.

Jang-Yong Kim

Jang-Yong Kim, also known as JY, joined BBDO Korea in 2019 as the Managing Director and has since guided the agency under firm, but fair leadership. His work has focused on strengthening the agency’s marketing and communication capabilities while driving creative and effective work.

Over two decades, prior to joining BBDO, he has been leading the innovation and transformation of the Korean advertising landscape including work for some of the top global advertising networks.


Aside from his marketing and strategic skills, he has learned that in order to generate great work you must collaborate, and while passion for the work is important, building trust with clients is the key. “Without trust, nothing good will truly be created,” JY maintains.

Since embracing these values, JY has maintained strong relationships with clients throughout his career, such as Amore Pacific.

In addition to receiving the Grand Prize Ad Award from Citizen in 2019 he has also been awarded Year’s Ad Awards 2018, Korea YouTube 2017 for Popular Advertising Contents, Bronze Ad Fest 2008 and more. His passion and initiative will continue to push him to remain at the forefront of innovation and leadership in the evolving advertising world.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have JY lead the BBDO Korea office. JY’s strategic thinking and marketing skills make him the perfect person for this role. His steady efforts have helped strengthen our long-term relationship with our biggest client in the region, Amore Pacific. Not only has he improved productivity at the office, but he has also played a significant part in building BBDO Korea’s brand image, and I’m confident that he will continue to drive the business forward by pushing new innovations, maintaining the agency’s position as Korea’s most creative and effective agency,” said Tze Kiat Tan, recently appointed CEO of BBDO Asia.

“I am both proud and excited to take the opportunity to step up to lead BBDO Korea. Although I know that there will be challenges and uncertainties ahead, I believe that, in addition to our strong backlog of work, depth of knowledge, and services, we are positioned for a strong and successful future. BBDO Korea has the people, the culture, and the skillsets to support our clients as they look to maximise awareness,” JY added.

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