People: Young blood moves up with several major promotions at Dentsu Jayme Syfu

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Dentsu Jayme Syfu announces a staggering 12 major promotions within the agency. Amidst navigating the unfamiliar new normal, the multi-disciplinary agency continues to seize growth opportunities and recognize the passion and dedication of its people. As the advertising industry evolves, the new challenges faced every day have created new leadership roles in the accounts, creatives, social media, and overall digital space.

The promotions usher in the next generation of leaders at Dentsu, an invigorating batch of young blooded, incredibly talented, and relentless individuals filled with fresh ideas.

Gian Nealega, a newly minted Creative Director, was a pivotal member of the team that grew major accounts like NESCAFÉ, having penned their well-loved Bangon anthem. Similar to the lyrics he wrote, Gian does not only rise (bangon) to any challenge, but he constantly pushes both himself and the agency to move forward (sulong).


Chary Chu is promoted to Associate Creative Director. Her creativity, conceptualization, and impeccable crafting have made her indispensable in major accounts like Coke, NESCAFÉ, PLDT, and Shell. A sharp and brilliant art director, a natural leader, and one who always delivers, inspiring other art directors to practice the same keen attention to detail and dedication to perfecting their craft.

Monica Cabanos and Leona Bedonia both welcome their new roles with open arms as they step up to the title of Business Development Director. Leona Bedonia was instrumental in growing businesses and building trust with Shell and PascualLab, which she did seamlessly. Fierce and competitive are just some of the characteristics that enable Leona to continue stimulating business development.

Immediately after joining Dentsu Jayme Syfu, Monica Cabanos was thrust into the major project of Coke Studio. She was then assigned to lead the NESCAFÉ account, and she once again rose to the occasion. Under her management, she continues to lead her team and the agency to even greater heights.

Also announced were three new Account Directors with Ina Villegas, Pat Gonzales, and Kevin Pueblo. Pat was instrumental in building a strong agency-client relationship with Toyota, the account she dedicates much of her passion and care to. Tenacious and eager, with strong client management skills, Gonzales is as valued for her abilities by Toyota clients as she is by the agency.

Kevin has spearheaded several major campaigns under Shell, gaining the trust and respect of his clients. His cheerful disposition and humor belie the seriousness with which he approaches every project. His hard work and diligence consistently pay off, not only with his accounts but also in the passion projects he pours his time to.

Ina has successfully led and worked on countless major campaigns since she began in Dentsu Jayme Syfu as a fresh grad. Under her belt are both global and local powerhouse clients like Smart, PLDT, Maxicare, NutriAsia, and Toyota. Even at a young age, her frank and firm demeanor, her efficiency, and her persistence have made her essential in many large-scale projects.

As the newest Social Media Director, Abby Bontia is a confident, driven, and collaborative leader. She began with digital campaigns, content creation, and event coverage for brands like 555 and Century tuna, but eventually took on bigger roles with Cignal TV, Toyota, and Smart. She has helped grow the digital business immensely through her social media strategy and savvy.

The youngest and freshest new leaders are Gab Brückner and Iyah Saturno. Brückner, elevated to Account Manager, is highly proactive, a quick learner, and a hard worker who consistently exhibited both limitless passion and potential. Despite being a fresh Account Executive, she was tasked to handle Coke Studio, one of the brand’s largest campaigns. To no one’s surprise, her work and efforts resulted in a streak of successful seasons.

Saturno has moved up to the role of Social Media Manager, having handled a diverse portfolio with brands including Lexus, Fonterra, Sprite, NutriAsia, and Maxicare. Her passion for both creativity and strategy is almost unrivaled, only equaled by her excitement to grow and innovate with more social media and digital-led ideas.

To push not only creativity but innovation and tech forward as well, Dentsu DigitX also sees new leaders stepping up to the plate. Monica Soliman is promoted to UX Design Director, while Cyri Sio is now the new Business Design Director.

Sio has launched over 200 digital projects, ranging from websites, apps, chatbots, digital solutions, and more, throughout her career, for clients such as NESTLÉ, Maxicare, Meralco, Smart, Toyota, and Coke. As Business Design Director, expect even more exciting and innovative work to come.

In 2019, Soliman represented the Philippines in the Cannes Lions Change for Good Hackathon. That same year, she placed 2nd in the 4As Young Lotus Competition. Two years prior, she also received a Bronze in the Adobo Design Awards for Dialekto, an AI website. Though a soft-spoken individual of few words, her results speak volumes about her talent.

“Our successes in digital the past few years would not have been possible without the contribution of our young set of talents like Cyri and Monica,” Ronald Barreiro, Managing Partner & General Manager, proudly shared on the digital promotions. “They’ve shown that with grit and passion, they can overcome the challenges thrown their way.”

Dentsu Jayme Syfu management is clearly excited for the bright future ahead, with a fresh new batch of young leaders emerging and blossoming into their roles.

“Giving due recognition to the talents behind the agency during this new normal makes it more meaningful,” explained Alex Syfu, Managing Partner & Chief Client Officer. “Amidst the challenges we all face in working from home, their ability to continue delivering results with the same passion and dedication is what makes me proud of these achievers,” he continued, with nothing but praise for each individual.

Merlee Jayme, Chairmom of Dentsu Creative and Chief Creative Officer of Dentsu APAC, added, “Young leaders embrace change and bravely face challenges, especially in trying times like these. They provide positivity and energy that inspire us every day. I’m happy that, finally, we have 12 new, young leaders to steer the agency to greater heights this year.”

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