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6 ways to get into the festive season on Facebook and Instagram

MANILA – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on Facebook. From flat lay photos of gift inspiration ideas to 360 videos of exotic holiday destinations. If you’re yet to get into the online festive spirit, here’s some tips to get you started.

1. Three words. Christmas holiday sweaters. You know the kind with little dangly bells, some tinsel and Rudolph’s nose jutting out? Grab some friends, grab some sweaters and Boomerang like there is no tomorrow. You can send them out as e-Christmas cards or if you’re feeling particularly jolly, make it your new profile pic.

2. Add Christmas emoji’s to all your Instagram Stories. Publishing a photo of the scrambled eggs you had for breakfast? Stick a on, write or draw on it. Filming the bus route into work? How about a  . You can’t help but feel the Christmas spirit when there’s non-stop festive emoji’s in your feed.


3. When it comes to Christmas light displays, Singapore’s Orchard Road is unrivaled. Share our little piece of festive cheer with your friends around the world by taking them on a Live tour on Facebook, They can ask you questions and even suggest the direction you stroll in. Who knows, your tour might be a huge hit and you’ll have a bunch of subscribers demanding an annual show.

4. Have you ever wondered what Christmas feels like from your pet’s perspective? Strap a light weight camera on your cat or dog (we don’t recommend budgies) and let them roam the decked-out halls. Speed their adventures up with Hyperlapse because no one feels like watching your cat playing with baubles under the tree for six hours.

5. Discover unique gift ideas while supporting local start-ups and small businesses by shopping from their online Shop. Like hair tonic for dad or a fancy new wrist watch for the mum-in-law. You’ll never be stuck for gift ideas again.

6. Throw out a Christmas Day #MannequinChallenge to all your friends. Check out this video by Top Model Georgina Wilson if you’ve been hiding under a Christmas tree and have no idea what we’re talking about. Extra kudos goes to people that can get the little ones to stand still in the middle of present unwrapping!

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