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Aegis Limited apologizes for controversial Malaysia ad

MANILA –  Global BPO company Aegis Limited has extended apologies in the wake of a controversial advertisement for its Malaysia office going viral and earning the ire of netizens for its criticism against the Philippines.

“We apologize and regret any communication that may have inadvertently hurt any sentiments,” Aegis Limited said in a statement.

The advertisment promotes Malaysia as a business hub in contrast to the Philippines, which it described as a problematic business environment. 



The original video was removed from YouTube, but not before copies were uploaded online.

The video described the Philippines as having “inadequate infrastructure,” an “unfriendly climate,” “less security,” and lack of government support.

The video also calls attention to the country’s geographic location while listing down the some of the major typhoons that the country has experienced in the past decade and saying that being in the Pacific ring of fire makes businesses unstable. 

According to Aegis Limited, the video’s contents were not approved by Aegis Corporate.

“We regret the upload of the recent video on Malaysia. The video was developed locally by an agency and uploaded in error and the contents were NOT approved by Aegis Corporate,” the company said.

The company stressed that it has had positive experience in the Philippines.

“Since the acquisition of People Support in 2008, Philippines has been a catalyst for Aegis’ growth. We would like to articulate that Aegis has had a wonderful experience in the Philippines – great clients, a great leadership team and above all great employees,” it said.

“We are a global company and strongly care about the broader communities in which we operate and are fully committed to  both diversity and inclusion. We would like to reiterate that Aegis has had a great experience in the Philippines and this has been one of the  keys  to our success,” it added.

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