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AfterSix goes live at Lakihan mo Logo

MANILA – In an industry that highly demands more work, time and creativity, it is important for advertising professionals to keep themselves free from stress that may lead to a job burnout. To promote this cause, Lakihan Mo Logo, spearheaded by Y&R Philippines executive creative director Herbert Hernandez, launched after6.org – a project that aims to rekindle the passion of their fellow advertising practitioners.

The project was launched last night at the Lakihan Mo Logo gig at B-Side, The Collective in Makati. Hosted by Hernandez and freelance editor and spokenword artist Syke, the event showcased video presentations of industry people who are passionate in doing creative things beyond their usual day jobs. 

Exhibits were also the main highlight of the event: FCB Manila’s James Bernardo’s DJ booth, TBWA\SMP’s John Ed de Vera’s typography videos and special executions, Ace Saatchi’s Lala de Leon’s perfumes, on-the-spot tattoo session with Tammy de Jesus, Hats display of Ace Saatchi’s Deng Tee and comics and artworks of JWT’s Apol Sta. Maria.


Along with the band Tanya Markova and fliptop artist Dello, agency bands who rocked the night include Halik Ni Gringo, Obscure 90s, Simoun, Pasok mga Bwitre, Dentsu Band and the Advertising Band of the Philippines.

Visit after6.org for more information about the project. The last gig for the year of Lakihan Mo Logo, “there’s life after six” is supported by San Miguel Beer, bracket and adobo magazine.

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