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Brand & Business: AdSpark, Inc. and the Secret to its Award-Winning Campaigns — Consumer Data, Targeted Marketing, and Captivating Visuals

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — As a full service digital-first agency, AdSpark, Inc. has consistently provided its clientele with data-driven insights packaged in equally smart and visually striking campaigns. Just in 2019 alone, it has received numerous recognitions with its successful online initiatives for some of the agency’s biggest brand partners such as Globe, Vivo, and Republika ng TM that have won several accolades at the APAC Tambuli Awards 2019, PANAta Awards 2019, and the Boomerang Awards 2019.

A lot of the campaigns’ success stem from AdSpark’s unique services which provide brands with valuable data on their target market’s digital behavior (AdSpark Intelligence) and offer cross-channel and cross-device media presence to communicate with their markets effectively (AdSuite). It is with these tools that pushed each campaign to go further in communicating the brand’s messages to their respective target markets online. 

Globe’s #SeeYouTomorrow


To create nationwide awareness for the suicide prevention hotline of Hopeline 2919, a 24/7 hotline for emotional crisis intervention and suicide prevention, Globe partnered with AdSpark to join the mental health conversation. By executing “interest-based” targeting with two timely and socially relevant films, Yoya and Training Day, the films have a unifying message of hope to reach out to experts at our darkest times. 

They tapped on frequented interest pages of individuals who suffer from mental illnesses or ones that release content on mental health to connect more with their ideal audience. These pages include Poetry and Story, Berlin Artparasites, Anxiety and Depression Support Philippines, Depression PH, Thought Catalog, Headspace, and many more. 

It made use of AdSpark Intelligence, where insights were revealed on how certain keywords — “Self Blame”, “Signs of Depression”, and “Anxiety and Depression” — were negatively consumed online, without enough people actually having a conversation about it (hence, the silent majority). With a strategy fueled on this, the campaign reached the audience it intended to with impressive numbers: 99.7% growth in planned impressions, 21% YouTube View-Through Rate (benchmark: 15%), 17% Facebook VTR (benchmark: 10%), 28% Twitter VTR (benchmark: 2.5%), 16% increase in viewership from ideal audience in just 21 days, 41% increased calls to hopeline 2919 (2017 – 2018) and 26,769 potential lives saved.

The campaign didn’t just win over the Philippines with its storytelling, it also won multiple awards at the Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards 2019 for Integrated Digital, Integrated Media, and Social Media; and the PANAta Awards 2019 for Excellence in Brand CSR and Excellence in Customer Empowerment, and a Special Award for Brand Bravery. 


VIVO’s V9 campaign

Reinventing the way content is viewed on certain social media platforms, Vivo released a unique take on online advertisements by AdSpark that is tailored differently depending on which platform it is consumed on. This is hinged on the strategy applied to the 2 types of ads created for the campaign: uniqueness of visual play for Facebook Carousel, and customized communication to target the unique interests of each audience for YouTube Director Mix.

With one of the Philippines’ biggest love teams, KathNiel of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, as the faces of the campaign, it told an engaging story through short-length videos on Facebook and YouTube, the most used platforms of its target audience. 

On Facebook, its team launched a story starring KathNiel through Carousel — each card was visually connected to each other, with the narrative seamlessly flowing from one card to another. On YouTube, however, it used a more targeted approach by creating distinct video ads specific to the type of video the user is originally going to watch — viewers of makeup tutorials will get a beauty-related Vivo ad, viewers checking out the latest music videos will first be shown a music-related Vivo spot, and so on. 

This resulted to the campaign garnering over 10M impressions, and 18K+ pre-orders nationwide for the Vivo V9 from Facebook alone, and some impressive YouTube results with 12.5M unique reach, a 21% surge in ad recall, and 9.1% increase in purchase intent. Moreover, it was honored at the PANAta Awards 2019 for Excellence in Brand Positioning. 

Republika ng TM’s EasySurf

Republika ng TM faced the difficult task of reaching out to intermittent internet users to promote its EasySurf50 offering for more affordable online access. It needed to penetrate into the key moments of online activity among its target audience, and it did so through AdSpark Intelligence’s revealed data on the most popular personalities among the market, and the type of content they typically consumed. 

Through interest targeting and riding on season momentum, it was able to insert itself into the limited time its audience was online, particularly on YouTube. This was through thematic short-length parody videos that hinged on local TVCs, entertaining and insightful tip-based videos depending on the season, and by tapping on the large pool of followers top popular YouTubers have. 

The campaign wrapped up with an increase of 369% in views vis-a-vis the 2018 campaign, a spike of 1,191% in product interest and a growth of 793% in brand interest. Most importantly, 2.1M subscribers availed of the product and there was an increase of 97% in spend by new TM users. This points to the heavy impact the campaign had in empowering Filipino youth by opening worlds of opportunities and new information online through affordable internet access, and ultimately pushing them towards realizing their dreams through effective targeting and communication.

The ingenuity of the campaign also resulted to it being among the finalists at the Boomerang Awards 2019 for the Effectiveness (Campaign Results) category.

Globe Studios’ “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral” campaign

Earlier this month, AdSpark also received a new accolade recognizing its mobile campaign for the local film, “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral” at the MMA Smarties APAC 2019 under the Most Engaging Mobile Creative Category. Its nationwide digital campaign uniquely introduced the movie by leveraging on buffer pages, placing dynamic end cards to prompt viewers to tilt their mobile phones and scroll through the movie characters across the panoramic interactive end card where they could tap on hotspots to read more on the profiles.

They were then led to Gmovies to purchase movie tickets online, resulting to the movie successfully reaching box office status with incredible digital results: Video Completion Rate of 71% (53.5% of industry benchmark), Click-through rate of 8.66% (8x industry average), and an Engagement Rate of 71% (7x industry benchmark).

These campaigns were not only able to capture their respective audiences with the content it had, but also by the way the content was distributed, both of which were brought out through AdSpark Inc.’s range of services from data-inspired creative, programmatic media, conversion marketing, and more.

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