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Brand & Business: Boutique creative consulting firm Next Theory breaks into podcast scene with “Theoretically Speaking”

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Boutique creative consulting firm Next Theory has officially launched its podcast titled, “Theoretically Speaking,” a collection of inspired conversations with creative entrepreneurs, taste makers and change agents as they share their life’s journeys.

Hosted by Next Theory Founder, Victoria Herrera, and Creative Director Brent Javier, the podcast is the product of relentless creativity amidst the year of lockdown, transcending limits and isolation into a call for authentic story-telling.

In times of great uncertainty, the only real control people have is their own outlook and creativity. “Just working on this podcast keeps our souls alive, by still doing things we believe in. Just talking to our guests, connecting with people, and building good relationships.” says Victoria. Recorded and produced 100% remotely, and working together across opposite time zones, this podcast is a product of thoughtful conversations and resourcefulness that aim to serve the audience with creative inspiration and nuggets of life wisdom; while allowing the guests to share a more vulnerable side and relaxed side of themselves. Brent shares, “It’s about learning how to also grow through adversity. It’s nice to sometimes have an easy path, but you’ll only really learn through a baptism of fire.” He adds, “It’s also a great time to reach out and reconnect with people you respect.”


Combining their collective experience and network, Victoria and Brent chat with a range of local and international talent, from the industries of media, fashion, branding and culture.

To date, Season 1 of “Theoretically Speaking” has released their conversation with diverse talents from Manila and overseas.

The list includes, PBA and Gilas Pilipinas player, Gabe Norwood as he reminisces his notable decade-long career in basketball, musician, entertainer and rapper february bank as he navigates his journey in the hip-hop industry from the USA, to South Korea, and the Philippines.

In a 2-part episode, former MTV Asia VJ and former Editor-in-Chief of Metro Magazine, Sarah Meier dissects her creative journey, discussing experiences of imposter syndrome to how motherhood has expanded her awareness. She also dives deep into her current work of studying trauma and healing.

Writer and content expert Rob Patos, who has penned work for esteemed streetwear websites such as Hypebeast and Highsnobiety, shares his tips for good storytelling as well as his current adventure in the world of artificial intelligence-based fashion design. While cultural entrepreneur, marketing maven, and DJ Jon Herrera shares stories on how music programming shifted the Manila nightlife industry, the early days of Embassy Superclub, and his techniques on visualising and goal-setting.

This is only a few of the names released on the podcast, as new episodes for Season 1 are released every Saturday until September 5.

“Theoretically Speaking” is available on iTunes, Spotify and other podcast platforms. Video formats of the interviews are also available on Next Theory’s YouTube account. Follow Next Theory on Facebook (@nexttheory) and Instagram (@nexttheory) for all the latest updates.

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