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Brand & Business: Facebook’s #SheMeansBusiness empowers Filipina entrepreneurs through financial literacy

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Facebook, in partnership with Bayan Academy, is launching a pilot of the expanded #SheMeansBusiness training program that now covers business resiliency through financial education. This initial rollout is happening in the Philippines and in four other countries—Argentina, Colombia, Indonesia, and Mexico.

The #SheMeansBusiness financial literacy modules have been co-created with Bayan Academy to support business continuity for women entrepreneurs given their current needs and challenges. The curriculum consists of ten modules on financial business management skills, complemented with case studies and worksheets. The modules cover a range of topics including personal and business financial health, financial records-keeping and reports creation, business planning, accessing digital financial services, and crisis management.

“From a recent study, we learned that women entrepreneurs are struggling to balance responsibilities at work and home, while also striving to keep their businesses afloat. Through the #SheMeansBusiness program, we aim to equip Filipina entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools they need to build business resilience with financial literacy, and set them up for recovery in this changing landscape,” said Clare Amador, Policy and Programs Head, Facebook Philippines


With micro-, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) making up 99.5 percent of all businesses in the Philippines, they are the backbone of our economy. MSMEs are facing unprecedented challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Bayan Academy’s partnership with Facebook strengthens its resolve in democratizing social development technologies in the Philippines as a way to build the nation from below, reaching and empowering many of the disadvantaged and vulnerable including the micro- and small entrepreneurs through the use of technology,” said Philip Felipe, Executive Director and Chief Operations Officer of Bayan Academy.

#SheMeansBusiness launched in the Philippines in 2017 with a strong focus on digital marketing skills training and has since reached over 3,000 women entrepreneurs in 23 cities. 

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