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Brand & Business: Q2 HR Solutions launches Q-HR Services, aims to enable businesses to thrive despite COVID-19

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — When it comes to business functions affected by COVID-19, Human Resources (HR) has undoubtedly been thrown for a loop. The realities of working under the new normal mean HR must ensure their organization follows safety protocols, that employees understand how their roles might change, and, in many cases, facilitate a smooth transition into remote work. 

The challenges behind practicing HR today are why Makati-based human resource consulting firm Q2 HR Solutions is proud to announce Q-HR, a suite of HR services designed to help businesses grow even in the face of an unprecedented crisis by assisting them with the most challenging parts of HR. The newly launched Q-HR covers payroll services, HR services (such as policy manual development and review, job evaluation and analysis, organizational analysis development, employee relations, and HR consulting), and end-to-end service recruitment. 


According to Q2 Founder and CEO Trixie Whyte, Q-HR enables businesses to outsource crucial HR functions and frees them up to focus on other areas critical for business growth. “When management no longer has to worry about a minute function like calculating payroll or the recruitment process, this allows them to focus on serving their clientele better,” White explained. “In many ways, Q-HR is a solution that quickly becomes an investment.”

The release of Q-HR’s services comes off the heels of arguments that outsourcing functions during a pandemic is a crucial business strategy. For one, outsourcing functions often means delegating them to high-value specialists with an intimidating knowledge of their field, thus eliminating the risk of error. For example, a payroll specialist is likely to be able to break down employee compensation benefits better and quicker than an HR generalist. Thus, outsourcing as a strategy may even eliminate many business risks. 

It’s worth noting then that Q2 HR Solutions’ services focus on four main areas: recruitment, deployment, managed service, and efficiency and governance. 

With regards to recruitment, Q2 HR Solutions offers businesses a hand in not just widening their recruitment pool, but even in searching for workers with specialized skills. Once recruited, deployment of workers to the partner company from Q2 HR Solutions also promises to be swift, whether it’s less than a hundred or even more than a thousand. The managed services solution then promises to streamline manpower contracting, dedicating teams of specialists nationwide to oversee end-to-end people management. Finally, the efficiency and governance of their service focus on helping businesses remain compliant with rules set by the Department of Labor. 

Aside from offering a wide range of services in their arsenal, Q-HR carries the added advantage of being led by seasoned HR professionals with decades of experience in the field. In fact, Q-HR was already available to Q2 HR Solutions’ existing clients as a support function, and it is now that the service is being made available to the public. Thus, companies can trust that the team behind Q-HR already carries with them the necessary expertise to ensure the solution’s implementation goes over smoothly. 

Whyte also reiterates that the COVID-19 pandemic opened their eyes to the fact that more than just a handy tool to have around, Q-HR could function as the key to helping businesses even thrive in the face of crisis. “Rather than cutting back and shrinking because of COVID-19, Q-HR can help businesses realize a crisis is also often a time for opportunities,” Whyte expressed. “It is possible to thrive, even under these circumstances.”

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