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Brand & Business: These shoppers checked out their carts by paying 11 pesos and below

MANILA, PHILIPPINES– The fourth quarter of any year signals the consumers’ strength of purchasing power and 2020, albeit punched with quarantine restrictions, was not spared from this. The digital front has indeed become enabling in terms of price range, location, and demographics–removing any form of intimidation and barriers across market segments.

For most shoppers, incentives are most welcome and serves as the final chuck that converts them into consumer from mere spectators. adobo magazine talked to three avid online shoppers and found out how they got their bang for the buck.

Store sampling


Any parent would know that budgeting is a bane on the back. Maximizing every trip to the grocery is at the top of their mind. With the quarantine in place, Angeli Lomat opted to buy her children’s snacks at Lazada. She chanced upon Nestle’s stores, checked out her order for instant coffee, and got samples of milk, chocolate drink, and seasoning with it.

“Sobrang laking tulong kasi ito nabili ko lang sa Lazada ng 7 pesos, two packs pa kaya napakalaking tipid.” (It’s a very big help because I got two packs at Lazada for only 7 php and it’s such a steal.)

Another mom was able to check out a 500 ml liquid bath soap at 7 pesos. For Mary Rose Barrios whose purchases are always for her kids whether it’s clothes or consumables, frequenting the voucher section of the app has yielded her vouchers.

“Nakakatuwa kasi talagang nakakatipid ako, hindi lang nakatipid halos nakalibre ako,” shared Barrios. (I am really glad because I get to save money, I almost got it for free.)

In-stream rewards

For student John Raven Ramos, scoring a free Xiaomi backpack that originally costs 499 is a product of his diligent watching of livestreams. He got the item by a combination of vouchers: from Guess it with Sam YG, from Xiaomi Global Store’s new followers, and a free shipping at that.

“I became a smart buyer because these vouchers need to be maximized and I think wisely where I will use it to have a better discount.”

Being cost-effective is a value that is made-easier to adapt with platforms that enable. With the Single’s Day phenomenon growing beyond a one-off coincidence into a yearly shopping event to look forward to, double-double dated sales might not just be the best to happen for vendors but to consumers as well.

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