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Brands & Business: Ligo Philippines Redirects Advertising Funds to COVID-19 Relief and Response Efforts

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – With the challenges that Filipinos face as they protect themselves from the COVID-19 pandemic, Ligo Philippines is renewing their vow in prioritizing Filipinos’ welfare by reallocating its entire advertising budget this year into aiding relief efforts, effective immediately. The brand will be donating the fund to non-government organizations, charities, and individual groups who are at the forefront of the COVID-19 response efforts.

“We will work hard to provide for you in times that you need us most,” says Ligo Vice President for Advertising and Promotion Macky Tung. “We pledge to deliver food and supplies, including our classic products, to the most affected families and communities; provide relief and assistance to health workers and other front liners; and equip them with Personal Protective Equipment. We will coordinate with Local Government Units to ensure orderly distribution.”

Ligo has always been an integral part of Filipino kitchens and it strives to continue to live by its role in both big and small ways. “This is just the beginning of our bayanihan. We know that as one nation, one family, we will persevere and see better days,” adds Tung.


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