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Cebu Pacific takes tourists for a spin with 360° video

MANILA – The Philippine Department of Tourism has been relentless for the past few years in promoting the country as well as encouraging seeing what we have to offer. As one of the Philippines’ airline carriers, it was only logical for Cebu Pacific to share the same drive since it would be mutually beneficial for both.


“We wanted to be aligned with the Philippine Department of Tourism and Tourism Promotion Board’s campaign, which is “Visit Philippines Again” (VPA),” shares Candice Iyog, Cebu Pacific VP for marketing and distribution. “One of the objectives was to encourage people to travel to the Philippines via Cebu Pacific, by showcasing the various activities in the country.”



Keeping that in mind, Cebu Pacific collaborated with their digital agency, Leo Burnett’s Blackpencil Manila, to thresh out their ideas with a unique kind of video. “The 360° video is a very interactive way to showcase how fun the Philippines can be,” Iyog says. “We decided on Cebu and Boracay as the destinations to feature, and a slew of adventurous activities that would be fun for a viewer to explore using this platform.”


“The travellers in the video themselves were quite amazed at the number of exciting activities they could do in just a few days,” Iyog commented about the video collecting process. “It ties in quite nicely with the VPA campaign. Even if you keep coming back to a Philippine destination, there’s always something new to do or discover.”


A big reason why the ad has gained over 363,000 views and over 9,000 likes on Facebook and over 379,000 views on YouTube since it was launched on February 23 is the 360° technology it implements. Best viewed on a mobile device, the video still allows viewers to take a 360° look on a desktop of laptop computer.


“Reactions from viewers were positive, mentioning the beauty of the Philippines and how inspired they were to try out the same activities,” Iyog notes. “There was also a lot of Philippine pride among the Filipinos.” Since this particular ad was part of a bigger campaign by the airline, she adds that, “the ads that communicated the same message but portrayed exclusive seat sales or promos contributed to the increase in bookings. We will find out more after the campaign is finished.”


Given the positive responses that the ad has generated, don’t be surprised if the airline comes up with a sequel, perhaps showcasing other travel destinations. “Yes, Cebu Pacific is in a great position to showcase so many Philippine destinations, given our extensive network here,” Iyog concludes.

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