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Coca-Cola’s Jesus Ferreira: Brands should make a difference

by Irma Mutuc

SUBIC – Jesus Ferreira, Integrated Marketing Communications Director of Coca Cola Philippines, presented what he calls the Coca-Cola DNA of positivity. He illustrated this by showing fairly recent Coca-Cola advertising campaigns which did not only sell the drink but more of what it stands for in the eyes of its loyal consumers.

He started with activation that they did in India and Pakistan, which successfully helped dissipate the growing antagonism between the people of the two countries. Then he showed two very popular local campaigns, which visibly moved the audience: one showed Coca Cola making it possible for three overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to reunite with their families after not being able to come home for years, and another showed grateful Filipinos taking the time to find out the names of people who make a positive difference in their daily lives and presenting them with Coke bottles bearing their names. He explained why Coca-Cola believes that focusing on campaigns which deliberately try to make a difference in the consumer’s lives, works for the brand. He said that Coca-Cola is committed to live and breathe its positivity DNA for more years to come.


During the Q & A someone tweeted to ask how they know if an idea is good enough for Coca-Cola and Ferreira attributed their good batting average in coming up with ideas that work, to consumer research, his very talented team, being very keen on working with the best agency partners and growing with them as a family, “It’s a continuous learning. The silver bullet is very difficult to get but we try and try and try. But the most important thing of all is always think if that idea has a purpose and if we’re making a difference with it.”  

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