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Create, Curate and Collaborate at The Bazket

by Rea Gierran

MAKATI CITY – Launched last June 8 at Warehouse Eight, The Bazket is an online venture of young and creative entrepreneurs, Ivan Payawal and Jec Valencia.

From home décor and clothes down to funky trinkets, The Bazket offers a wide variety of austere goods, rustic crafts, and vintage items. Carefully crafted, sifted and packaged, these products are neatly assorted into eight categories: Al Fresco, Wardrobe, Nourishment, Travel Trove, Home Goods, Enhancements, Accessories, and Think Tanks.


Al Fresco is perfect for green-thumbed people, while Wardrobe boasts of clothes with basic cuts and quality fabrics. Nourishment brings about delicious food items. Travel Trove is for the (needless to say) travel junkie who loves collecting knickknacks. Home Goods feature choice furniture and decor. Enhancements are all about electronics. Accessories are for people who love ensembles that express who they are, while Think Tank showcases tools for the creatives.

A customer checks out some of the products at The Bazket

The Bazket brings online the combination of the creative feature of bazaars and the reliable nature of markets, creating a unique startup where handmade and hard-to-find products from homegrown brands are sold. A community of collaborators will manage the platform.

“It’s more than just an online shop,” Payawal explained. “The purpose really is to provide a stage for products which are locally made and leaves little or no carbon footprint.” Aside from promoting homegrown brands with quality products, the venture advocates protecting the environment. “We partnered with Mensahero’s to deliver packages via mountain bikes to customers in Metro Manila,” he added. Mensahero’s is a bike courier service that delivers within Metro Manila and some parts of Rizal. Guaranteed same day delivery in the most eco-friendly and efficient way.

Jec Valencia, co-partner, invites the creative and entrepreneurial industry to patronize local goods. “I’m calling all home grown brands to stand with each other and continue all efforts to promote local goods. The vision is to make Filipino products, the favorite brands of people overseas, and with your patronage, this vision will come to reality.”

To know more about The Bazket, visit their website at http://www.thebazket.com/

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