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Digital: DDB Group’s Agile Intelligence COVID-19 Dashboard marks first year of tracking pandemic data

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – It has been a year since DDB Group Philippines’ data analytics unit Agile Intelligence, Inc. (Agile) launched a comprehensive COVID-19 tracker as a response to the growing need to understand the numbers behind the growing cases of novel coronavirus in the country. 

Dubbed the Agile Intelligence COVID-19 Dashboard, the project sought to address the country’s lack of central dashboard with harmonized data and data visualization per region and city for COVID-19 stats such as areas with the longest “no cases reported,” doubling time, recoveries, new cases, healthcare facilities’ capacity, and bed occupancies. The tracker thus processed and presented these stats in congruent data sets that are more digestible for experts and the public at large. Primary data sources include the Department of Health and the local government units (LGUs). 

DDB Group Philippines’ resident data analytics guru and Agile Intelligence Managing Director Chewy Chua oversees the COVID-19 dashboard for better data visualization, analysis and interpretation. From another DDB Group PH Unit, Tribal Worldwide Philippines Head of Digital Services Ian Ong provides the logic, coding and graphs for the website. Both Chua and Ong are founders and, at the same time, “volunteers” of the project, devoting an hour or so of their hectic daily schedule to work on the tracker.

Agile Intelligence Managing Director Chewy Chua

“We are passionate about data and digital platforms and more so if we are harnessing both to come up with a helpful project like the COVID-19 Dashboard. We would like to thank everyone who supported this project,” said Chua. 

To date, the dashboard has about 100,000 unique local and foreign visitors, who appreciate its impressively organized data sets and charts on the country’s COVID-19 history and performance. It also received an award under the Communication for the Web category at the 18th Philippine Quill Awards.

Agile Intelligence’s COVID-19 dashboard’s companion viber group has about 300 members consisting of industry leaders from different sectors, and just about anyone who wants to get a more detailed daily situationer and insights on the pandemic. There is also a COVID-19 update thread in DDB Group Philippines’ Viber group where employees conveniently get a daily snapshot of the pandemic. 

The COVID-19 Dashboard has been one of the most definite and consistent public service of DDB Group Philippines during this pandemic. Check it out at

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