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“Don’t have an ego” and other bits of wisdom from day 1 of Graphika Manila 2015

MANILA – The annual conference for creativity Graphika Manila got off to a great start, packing a full house on its first day as six design practitioners and artists took to the stage to share their experiences with young artists.

Here are some of the words of wisdom they imparted on today’s audience.

On collaboration


“You can’t do everything by yourself, no one is invincible.” – Chris Lee, Asylum creative director

“Don’t have an ego when you collaborate. I know as a designer, it’s sometimes hard to let go of your work because it’s like your baby, but don’t have a huge ego, because some people, when you collaborate with them, are better at what they do.” Fizah Rahim, one half of design duo Machineast

“Be open-minded. Collaborations are great, I always look for new collaborations and sometimes you get to do something that you’ve never done before, and that is interesting from a design perspective to do something that is new and never been done before.” – Rezaliando, the other half of design duo Machineast

On finding inspiration

“If you guys need inspiration, switch off your computer, leave your mobile at home, bring a sketchbook, go out, go travel, have fun, and keep smiling,” – Pomme Chan, graphic designer

On overcoming financial conflicts

“Art making doesn’t make sense at all, we don’t have a position here, we don’t have policies regulating art or whatever, so you really have to create the conditons for yourself. If you wanna do work, just figure it out, you just have to be interested enough to be able to solve that problem yourself.” – Leeroy New, art maker

On TV commercials

“Advertising TV commercials speak a universal language, whether or not it was made here or shown somewhere else.” – Sid Maderazo, 88Storey Films director

On creativity in the digital age

“We’ve embraced the digital world, we’ve embraced tha language of technology. It equals the playing field. Everyone has a camera, everyone can call themselves a director, but talent and creativity will always shine. Creativity should always be above. Technology will never rule art.” – Maderazo

On designing typefaces

“When you’re designing typeface, it feels like part of you is in every part of the world.” – Seb Lester, type designer

The second day of Graphika Manila 2015 will be held tomorrow, February 1, at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. 

Speakers include graphic designer AJ Dimarucot, Walt Disney Animation represented by Benson Shum, digital designers Anton Repponen and Irene Pereyra of Anton & Irene, designer Nick Automatic, communication studio Vasava, and designer and technologist Joshua Davis.

Learn more at graphikamanila.com

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