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Film: FYTWMBAF Productions, an all Filipina-led film crew, wants to show the world how it’s done

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Empowering women has always been the goal of FYTWMBAF Productions, an all-female crew of aspiring filmmakers. The team believes that women can make significant impacts in a male-dominated industry by putting their creativity onto a page and taking it to the screen.

Director Isabel Reyes shares that growing up, she has observed that female characters in film were always portrayed as vulnerable, and that it has somehow been normalized. “That’s why I, together with my team, believe we need more women’s voices in this industry, creating films by and for women. So far, more and more films are being created reclaiming the strong voices we’ve always had; but it doesn’t stop there. We’re here to continue that,” she adds. 

The all-female crew produced Golden, a short film that tells the story of Jade, a high school student who, upon losing her scholarship, takes on a revenge heist to take part in an underground gambling scheme headed by her classmate, Via, and eventually take down an oppressive system that has been exploiting those who are in need.


“Basically we want to see more women acting on their own accord, knowing full well the consequences of their actions and are willing to stand with it. “Golden, for us, is more than just a film that centers on friendship, gambling, and dishonest systems; it is a piece that embodies the power that women hold in the industry” adds director Isabel Reyes. The short film promises to show well-crafted female characters through an all-girl gang which was played by promising actresses Kare Teodoro (Jade), Chase Salazar (Via), Nami Onuma (Jenny), and Breech Valencia (Laura). 

Golden has achieved significant success since its premiere in Sine Reel 2019, an annual film making competition which showcases short films created by the senior members of the UST Communication Arts Students’ Association. The short film has been nominated for 10 awards and won 3 awards namely Best Cinematography, Best Sound, and Best Poster. The film now hopes to reach a global audience by being part of the Lift-Off Global Network Sessions 2020, a film festival that aims to celebrate indie films by giving them a platform to share their films to a bigger audience.

Officially selected to be a part of the said global film festival, Golden will be screened from Aug. 16 to 23, 2020 on Vimeo on Demand along with the other selections. 

The winning film will be screened at Pinewood Studios, United Kingdom, and Raleigh Studios, Hollywood during the Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival. 

Support FYTWMBAF Productions by viewing Golden for 10 USD (500 PHP) or by donating any amount to help the film make it to the finals. To follow the Golden journey, visit their official page here. 

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