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Five reasons why you need a prod house for that branded video

Today, content can be made by virtually everyone. And not just photo or text content, but video content. Many videos that go viral are made by ordinary people armed with just a smartphone with a really good camera (or one that has decent specs). Many social and online influencers have also made fun, quirky, and really high-grade stuff with minimal equipment. 

This leads many marketers to say, “oh so now you can just shoot a great viral video with little cost, right? Our blogger influencer can make videos with thousands of views with just one camera. So you can make an ad like that too, right?” Well, not exactly. 

While it’s true that content production has become easier (and less costly) due to smartphones, apps, and mid-price range cameras and audio equipment, marketers and advertisers still have a lot to gain from great professional work from a production house. If you want to treat your ad or branded video like a film, then you need great storytellers (both visual artists and writers included), directors, producers, editors, and the like. You still need your pro production houses to produce a great ad.


“But our audience like puppies. Maybe we can just take a video of puppies with our celebrity endorser.” Well, I’m sure your production house can provide you with puppies and more. 

Here are five reasons why you should call on your trusted prod house for your branded material.

1. They have talent and experience. 

From scriptwriting to directing to editing to sound engineering — a solid production house not only has the best talents to produce your branded content, it also has professional experience gained from years of practice and real work. Many production companies even have the country’s best directors and film teams in their talent pool. Imagine a veteran film director creating your brand story, right?

Outfits like indie.go has tons of experience in production (they have also produced some of the most memorable ads you’ve seen) and can provide you with top-notch video work. 

2. They have the right equipment and the right specs for the right content. 

Yes, you have your camera or your smartphone with HD capabilities and a clip-on mic perhaps. But these only have a certain grade of quality. Sometimes you have to go beyond the quality capabilities of your camera and go for the best quality you can have for your branded video. Shooting with the right equipment won’t have you worry about pixelation, aspect ratio, sound quality, details, and so on. Prod houses will have all the equipment to lend cinema-grade quality to your video — and they know how to use them.

3. You don’t have to worry about logistics and coordination.

However detailed your pre-prod is in the office, there are some details and logistics matters that only seasoned producers will be able to think of. Organizing shoots go beyond just getting a studio with lights and equipment. Video production means pre-production, storyboarding, director’s treatment, location scouting (and securing permits!), talent screening, scheduling and setting up the studio, putting up the green (or blue) screen, designing and creating props and costumes, sourcing other materials, coordinating with the crew, editing, sound engineering, and even calling up the caterer. And there is more to this! 

Imagine if you have to re-do a french fry dipping into ketchup over and over because the consistency is not right. You need a trusted producer and production company to handle all of this for you — and they can work on any scale at that. Just Add Water is one of many outfits that have professional and veteran producers who will make sure that your shoot and video production will turn out just the way you planned it to be. 

4. They can animate like the masters do. 

Want to take your audience to a magical world of your imagination? Or maybe you just want to have quirky little animated objects on the screen to point out information about your product to the consumer? Or you may want to delay that hair flip a little longer? Animation and CGI takes time, skill, and a whole lot of attention and expertise. While you can probably do some of the animation in-house, a whole animated scene or video would take the skills of an experienced prod house to create. Many production houses like Clayshop Inc. have animation and CGI capabilities, so you’ll be sure to find the right talent for your animated video. 

5. What’s a story without great audio?

Many great stories and ads have always come with good music, sound effects, and scoring. Aside from selecting the right sounds for your branded video, you need good audio recording capabilities especially if you’re shooting on location or if your ad requires good soundbites from your endorser or voice talents. And this goes beyond having a good mic or a portable boom mic. 

Sound production houses like Loudbox Studios have sound engineers that will work on putting the best sound quality on your video. They can even also produce a jingle or a tune to accompany your brand story! 

Above all, you should patronize these trusted production houses is because they carefully craft their work. Great stories need crafting, and if you want your brand stories, ads, and branded videos to be the best, you’ll need these talented houses to create that for you. 

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