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Ford Mustang video makes rocking debut online

MANILA – The Mustang is Ford’s most iconic car ever. How do you create content that’s as iconic and trailblazing as this powerful vehicle? For Ford Philippines and Y&R Philippines, the answer lied in harnessing the Mustang’s distinct engine sound to create some rocking content—literally.

Presenting Ford Philippines’ #RockTheRoad video.


Using the roar of the Mustang’s engine, Ford and Y&R Philippines partnered with local rock band Sandwich to create the first ever song that uses a vehicle’s engine as an instrument—multiplying the Mustang’s badaserry by combining its killer good looks and performance with rock music.

The video starts off by showing Matteo Guidicelli and Ivan Carapiet—experienced racecar drivers and legit car enthusiasts—taking the Mustang out for a spin. Matteo shows off his driving skills by drifting inside an empty warehouse. Pretty cool, but nothing extraordinary… or so it seems, until Ivan is shown recording the engine’s sounds and feeds it to Sandwich.

This is where the magic starts to happen. Using the Mustang’s roaring engine as the track’s musical backbone, Sandwich weaves together all the other sounds of the Mustang—doors shutting close, locks clicking, SYNC’s voice command, the horn, light indicator, tires screeching—to make an anthem that’s undeniably iconic, just like the Mustang.

What’s even more badass? Mustang’s #RockTheRoad video has reached over 6.9 million views since its release last October—a rocking feat considering how much competition for viewership there is online. Well, we expected nothing less from the world’s most rocking muscle car.

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