GMA Network Inc. led the Philippine winners at the New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards, held last night at their annual Gala at the NAB Show in Las Vegas.

GMA won a total of 10 awards, including a Gold for GMA News and Public Affairs’ Tunay na Buhay (Real Life): Mga Sanggol at Langaw (Infants Among Flies). GMA also won a Silver for Columbia International Food Products, Inc.’s Tropang Potchi; a Silver for GMA News TV’s Brigada (The Brigade): Gintong Krudo at Sipa ng Pag-asa (Black Gold and Kicks of Hope); a Silver for GMA News TV’s Reel Time: Silang Wala sa Mapa (Off the Grid), a Bronze for GMA News and Public Affairs’ Dapat Tama (Do It Right); a Bronze for GMA News TV’s Front Row: Lusong Dunong (The School in the Swamps); and a Bronze for GMA News TV’s News TV Quick Response Team: Zamboanga Crisis Coverage.

The network also won Finalists Awards for Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (One At Heart, Jessica Soho): Photographs of Typhoon Pablo; I-Witness: Ganito Tayo Noong Martial Law (This is how we were in Martial Law); and Camera Juan.

Meanwhile, ABS-CBN Corporation won five awards: a Silver for ABS-CBN Channel 2’s Agosto Beinte-Uno: Ang Pagpatay Kay Ninoy Aquino; a Bronze for Failon Now’s Tagas ng Minahan (Mine Leaks); and Finalist awards for Agosto Beinte-Uno: Ang Pagpatay Kay Ninoy Aquino, Matanglawin (Hawkeye): Elephants, and Sprout.

The GrandJury® panel awarded 140 Gold World Medals, 146 Silver, 112 Bronze, and 235 Finalist Certificates from entries submitted from over 50 countries. 

The 2014 New York Festivals Television & Film Awards saw top international media companies take center stage in competitive categories including: Best Innovation, Special Effect, Technical Production Team, Online Entertainment, Special Event, and Corporate Social Responsibility. 

New York Festivals 2014 International Television & Film Awards ceremony and acceptance speeches will be available for viewing on the TV & Film Awards website. To view this year’s award-winning entries, visit the New York Festivals website

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