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Heroes wanted: Save the Children and Selecta partner to spread smiles

MANILA – Independent children’s organization Save the Children has partnered with Selecta to help put more smiles on Filipino children’s faces. On July 15th, for each ice cream purchase, any kind, anywhere in the Philippines, Selecta pledges to donate five pesos to further Save the Children’s efforts in the country.

“This small ‘sacrifice’ will help thousands of children get the education they deserve,” Save the Children said.

To help promote the campaign, the group also encouraged partners to take a selfie with their ice cream and tweet @PHSaveChildren, as well as share the ‘Heroes’ video.


The video, available on YouTube, shows how one doesn’t need superpowers to be a hero. The video shows how even simple acts can be heroic from a child’s perspective.

“As you already know children are the most vulnerable members of our society, and the ones that most desperately need our help. Since 1981, Save the Children has worked closely with Filipino communities to provide both humanitarian and long-term support to ensure that children have a good quality of life.  At Save the Children, we save children’s lives; we fight for their rights; we help them fulfill their potentials. As a Save the Children partner, you have made it possible for us to pursue our mission.  In your own way, you have been heroes to children. Without your support, our work would have been so much harder to complete. However, there is more to be done,” they said. 
For more information, visit the Save the Children Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SavetheChildrenPH  

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