MANILA – OMG Advertising, a data-driven out-of-home (OOH) advertising services provider based in the Philippines, is making a difference in connecting brands to its local target market across the country through its state-of-the-art systems. Unlike other suppliers who sell outdoor advertising sites based on existing inventories, OMG Advertising tailor-fits site selection based on its clients’ strategic and geographical priorities using proprietary software tools.

Unique to OMG, a game-changing “location-search-engine” dubbed Geogen spares its clients from hours spent in researching the best locations for its outdoor advertising posts relative to its target market profile, based on age-range and total population down to the barangay level. It offers precision targeting to clients for their OOH advertising placements. This strategy enables the campaign’s focus to attract engagements in areas with smaller but more targeted population compared to bigger cities or areas such as along EDSA. On the other hand, the Ad Tracker is an online database library which provides clients easy access to critical information related to their outdoor advertising campaign placements nationwide. The system provides clients with a dashboard of the key elements of the campaign such as; scope, duration, cost, installation and monitoring photos, as well as key learnings obtained during the project period.

“We know how important it is for clients to make cost-effective media buys through precision-targeting. Through our tools, we are able to help them spot the right locations for their brand advertising, as well as provide them with easy access to information on their existing and past campaigns with us” says Ronald Garcia, CEO of OMG Advertising.

Marivic Garcia, President of OMG Advertising adds, “With Geogen and the Ad Tracker, we bring a higher level of sophistication and accountability to the table. The system also allows for paperless monitoring and reporting. Most importantly, it can be built to store market intelligence data for future use so Clients can make informed marketing decisions. Even if we are comparatively small compared to other outdoor advertising suppliers, we make proactive changes to elevate industry standards. More importantly, we help Clients win in the market, one community at a time.”


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