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It takes two: check out design studio Anton & Irene

MANILA – Anton Repponen and Irene Pereyra are self-proclaimed friends, collaborators, designers, perfectionists and travel junkies, as they themselves have said on their Twitter. Together, the duo formed Anton & Irene, a design studio based in Brooklyn.

Repponen originally came from St. Petersburg, Russia and grew up and studied architecture in Tallinn, Estonia. His architecture background often finds its way into his work today as an interactive designer, creating large scale web projects, design languages and tools. 

He also advocates proper user experience and extremely detailed execution.


For Pereyra, she sees design as her passion. Designs that are practical and human-centered at its core is what she delivers to clients. She said she is not a fan of “innovation” and does not believe there is a special formula to achieve it. 

The duo has been working together professionally in the design industry for years. They worked in the multi-award winning digital design agency, Fantasy Interactive (FI) as Global UX Director and Global Creative Director. With their stay in FI, these two headed the site redesigning of USA Today, Wacom, Sony and many more. 

They then left FI to form Anton & Irene. Still creating and turning ideas into actions, the duo works with Microsoft, Google, Nintendo, Porsche, Fox, CNN and among others. 

Check out more of their stories and works at To get to know more about Anton & Irene and their experiences, attend Graphika Manila 2015 happening this January 31 to February 1 at the SMX Convention Center.

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Words: John Vince Montoya

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