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J. Walter Thompson Manila Managing Director Golda Roldan on how advertising and media agencies need to create, innovate, or die in 2018

MANILA – As Managing Director of J. Walter Thompson Manila and chair of the 20th Agency of the Year Awards held in 2017, Golda Roldan is a respected industry leader with years of experience in the advertising and media industries. She recently shared with adobo some key insights based on her observations and examination of industry trends both here and abroad.
adobo: What are key transformational shifts you see affecting the advertising industry which will have the strongest impact this year? Please list them.
Golda: They are: 
  • Local (Asian) brands challenging global multinational brands, whether it is in tech, finance or in cpg.
  • Starting to use data more for insight gathering, not just for media optimization.
  • Brand building on e-commerce environment.
  • Will observe more examples of network horizontality partnerships (e.g., JWT/Ogilvy PR/Mindshare or Leo Burnett/Publicis Manila/Starcom under Publicis One) to offer the best solutions to clients.
  • Based on our global JWT Intelligence Future 100 Trends 2018 report and our own local context validation we conducted in January 2018, consumers are now, more than ever, seeking more immersive and elevated experiences, including getting into interactive storytelling, mood upliftment and adult play, for example. These help brands get people‚Äôs mindspace and attention. Given these, some of these shifts will be happening or will continue to deepen:
    • Collaborations between ad strategy and ideation agencies with content publishers and unique storytellers.
    • Even more immersive and experiental activations micro-targeting to custom audiences or specific generations (Generation Z vs Millennials vs the micro-target in between Millennials and Generation X called the Xennials [33-45 year olds] this 2018.
  • Will continue to see humility in the face of young consumers, who are starting to create their own content. Gen Z consumers (currently below 22 years old in 2018) are the true blue digital natives. Our learning from our JWT Intelligence report on them is that they are the generation that wants to change the world. They have a greater sense of responsibility and very concerned about the future.
adobo: How are you and your network adapting to the changes in the business environment? What measures are your taking and how are you leading for your company and its people to tide and thrive?
  • Our network is building a strong integrated offering by incorporating heavy digital and data capabilities into our service offering. Regional restructure of JWT and Mirum is an example.
  • We are also building a strong regional network in SEA to support local market growth, with centres of excellence. We just launched our specialist Business Intelligence Visualization and Dashboarding hub based in our Manila office. This team will provide dashboard solutions to the JWT/Mirum group in terms of reporting and insight generation for clients.
  • We are focusing on helping our clients build their brands through all touchpoints of the customer journey. Beyond campaigns, but into services, utilities and products.
  • We introduced FLOW (Fulfilled Life of Wellness) in APAC at the end of 2017. We recognize that for us to grow our business, we also need to cultivate a positive work culture that encourages our valued people to be the best in their career and to live healthy lives. For example, in the Manila office, we have The-Doctor-is-In every Wednesday, free Friday lunch and a monthly Birthday Celebration where we have a short program for all the celebrants. One of the pillars of FLOW is also Passion@JWT that aims to encourage our people to bring their passion to work and develop and pursue activities that excite them. Our local JWT Fun Committee is already planning to create this in our office.
adobo: What is the best thing that will happen to our industry this year?

Golda: More collaboration and healthy fun for our industry colleagues!

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