MANILA – After the overnight success of the #KwentongJollibee Valentine series, some netizens unearthed a 2009 McDonald’s ad entitled ‘First Love’, saying that the viral ad ‘Vow’ is based on the concept of the classic food chain love story.

‘First Love’, an ad by DDB Philippines, is about a pair of childhood sweethearts who first met in McDonald’s. Several years pass, the ad shows the pair again, this time as adults, the girl holding the guy’s hand, leading him to McDonald’s play place only to introduce him to her husband. It ends with the line: “Kahit hindi rin naging kami sa huli, siya pa rin ang first love ko.”

McDonalds Philippines Commercial "First Love" Huling El Bimbo

But according to Carlo Ople, veteran digital marketing executive and PLDT’s Vice President for Digital Marketing Strategy, nowadays, it’s no longer about being the “first”.

“In this age of digital, what matters is the here and now. With the example of the Jollibee story that came out recently, if it resonates with customers now, then it’s successful. It’s not just about uniqueness anymore, connecting and capturing your audience at the right time is just as important,” commented Ople. “And you do that not with creativity or uniqueness alone, it’s all about authenticity so that customers believe you and what your brand stands for.”

Based on Max’s Restaurant’s and even Smart Communication’s ads based on hugot and feels, love (especially the unrequited) sells.

“It’s also not about doing it first. It’s about doing it again and again. It’s about consistency and relevance,” Ople added.

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