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Kantar Worldpanel: Filipinos are coffee addicts, 3-in-1 mix is king

Coffee shops like Starbucks and Seattle’s best may be sexier, but in terms of household popularity, 3-in-1 coffee is king.

MANILA – In time for National Coffee Month, Kantar Worldpanel’s latest report found that 93% of Filipino homes buy coffee mixes at least once a week and is spending P30 out of every P100 they spend on beverages – an increase of P28 from last year.

Moreover, Filipinos are said to be buying coffee products close to twice per week or about 81 times a year, spending P22 on the average per shopping trip.


This has led to coffee mixes sales doubling from 4% in June 2014 to 10% this June 2015, outpacing the growth of the total beverage segment at 5% for the same period.

Coffee has become the Filipinos’ staple beverage as seen in consistent sales growth for the past 2 years from 11% in 2014 to 15% in 2015.

Driving sales of coffee mixes are the NCR, South Luzon, and Mindanao markets, with 320,000 more homes buying coffee mixes in South Luzon alone. For NCR and Mindanao, consumers are spending 193 and 110 pesos more on the average.

Great Taste is the brand beat in this space, enjoying a market share of 28.2 percent in June 2014, which grew to 34.5 percent of the coffee mixes category in June 2015. It has recruited an additional 8.3% of Philippine homes while at the same time increasing spend of its consumers by 105 pesos throughout the year.

On the leader’s tail is Kopiko which managed to improved shares to 25% from 23.9% in 2014. Kopiko enjoyed more buyers as well with an increase of 8.7 percent of Philippine homes purchasing its coffee mixes in 2015.

Kantar Worldpanel data noted that Heavy coffee buyers are more biased towards 3-in-1 mixes and are typically NCR and urban-based, and from homes with a relatively older demographic. They buy close to three times a week or 126 times in a year and spend P28 in each shopping trip.

“Coffee remains to be the go-to beverage of Filipinos for an instant pick-me-up or energy boost,” says Lourdes Deocareza, New Business Development Head, Kantar Worldpanel Philippines. “The ongoing coffee craze in the country is reflected in the Filipinos’ shopping habits, especially with the increase in their purchases of Great Taste and Kopiko products over the past year,” she adds.

Photo by Deepa Paul-Plazo

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