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#LiveToFeel celebration features collaborative billboards, live art, social media royalty

MANILA – Interactive outdoor billboards including crowdsourced photos, live art, and the country’s top social media influencers all came together in celebration of #LivetoFeel, an interactive movement targeted at millenials that promotes the idea of living through feelings, actions, and opportunities.

The Filipino community began owning the “I live to” statement, creating and expressing our own definition of Live To Feel through unique statement portraits. These portraits, generated through www.livetofeel.me, aimed to answer the question: How do we live? 

All personal expressions and statement portraits that were crowdsourced through the website served as huge art displays, assembled in a massive on-the-spot collaborative outdoor billboard at the event.


Held on February 21 at the Eastwood Mall Activity Area, the event saw the presence of key personalities that took part in the Live To Feel movement: Bianca Gonzalez, Daniel Matsunaga, Laureen Uy, Marcelo Santos III, DJ Mars Miranda, TeamManila, the Roxy Philippines Lifestyle Ambassadors, Chef Jayps Anglo, Martine Cajucom, Everywhere We Shoot, WeeWillDoodle, and many others.

The personalities participated in bringing out the Live To Feel philosophy by going online to talk about how they define themselves and live through the feelings they get from each experience. Conversations about this idea gained a pervading internet presence through the hashtag #LiveToFeel.

These personalities showed folowers how they define the different aspects of how this generation lives through various activities, such as live music, a giant doodle wall, a surfing experience simulator, and an on-the-spot silkscreen T-shirt printing session. The day came to a close with a performance by DJ Mars Miranda, giving this momentous celebration a thrilling vibe as the crowd gazed up at the completed collaboration.

Learn more about the movement at www.livetofeel.me.

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