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McCann Worldgroup Philippines releases truth about Filipino dads

by Niña Terol

TAGUIG – McCann Worldgroup Philippines shares Truth About Filipino Dads as families and institutions the world over celebrate fathers and Fathers’ Day.

Truth About Filipino Dads looks into the changing roles and influence fathers have in raising their children, what fatherhood means from the perspective of different kinds of dads, and how brands and marketers can connect with this audience.


The emphasis placed on women empowerment and the celebration of motherhood have admittedly defocused the importance of fathers; they’ve become an accessory in the family rather than a true partner in parenting.

Truth About Filipino Dads hopes to equalize this by giving fathers an opportunity to share their thoughts and insights on parenthood.

Some key findings from the study:

  • This comes as a surprise because when asked about their role in child rearing, dads’ view of themselves is still quite traditional.

Provider (56%) and disciplinarian (30%) came up as the top answers, while friend/companion (16%) scored low.

  • They also take family leisure very seriously. They influence what is done on a weekend (73%), where to eat (65%), and which shows or movies to watch (58%).

  • Even if dads appear to be for “weekends only,” they are their kids’ “personal Google” on a day-to-day basis.

  • Dads, if given the opportunity, also want to be able to bring their children on holiday and travel without their mothers around. Travel emerged as the top activity dads want to do with their kids so they can bond and discover the world together.

Source: McCann Worldgroup Philippines, “Truth About Filipino Dads Survey 2016”

Gino Borromeo, Chief Strategy Officer for McCann Worldgroup Philippines, says: “As fathers become more and more involved in the job of parenting, they will need even more help and guidance in navigating a world where they may not have all the answers. Brands can play a meaningful role against this need of today’s fathers.”

The full report will be shared on Father’s Day.

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