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Milflores Publishing releases Kannika Peña’s debut novel, ‘All The Lonely People’


MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Milflores Publishing has released its newest title, All The Lonely People, an interconnected stories about chance encounters born out of loss written by Kannika Claudine D. Peña.


The novel asks the question: what happens when we lose tiny objects, our keys, wallet, ID’s, ring, cellphones, and what about the people that find them? The characters of All The Lonely People deal with grief, loss, and heartbreak while trying to survive in an unforgiving metropolis; its strength lies in its invitation to confront loneliness as a human condition, showing us that pain, heartbreak, and sadness coexist with happiness.

“We should practice kindness and compassion towards others. We should also make the effort to extend the same kindness and compassion to ourselves which can often be the hardest thing to do so that’s maybe what I hope readers will take away from the novel,” said Kannika during the book launch.

“In the vast capital that was once labeled the City of Man, small bubbles of people are connected and disconnected in their lives of chagrin, secrets, and vulnerabilities. All the Lonely People is a multiple of stories of what goes on in a chaotic, helpless city that Nick Joaquin would not have recognized. The language makes the tempo quick and sassy, as if carried by the pace of daily dramas that could take place anywhere in the world. But this is Manila and the mesh of tales are part of the landscape,” said Criselda Yabes, author of Broken Islands.

The book is available on the Milflores website, Shopee, and Lazada, and select bookstores like Solidaridad, Mt. Cloud, and Fully Booked for PHP 599.




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