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No lechon for Lucky Manzano in new PSBank TVC by Seven A.D.

MANILA – Lucky Manzano runs out of luck as he lines up for lechon in the latest TVC by Seven A.D. for PSBank.

‘Resto’ began airing yesterday, and will run until the end of May. The spot is part of an ongoing campaign starring Manzano for PSBank Savings. 

Like the two TVCs that came before it, the newest spot starts off in a quasi-serious tone only to end in comedy as Manzano gets caught up in an unfortunate situation. 


The spot begins with a slow-motion montage and Manzano dramatically talking about his mother’s money philosophies.

“To her, every minute wasted is money wasted,” he says, as the camera zooms out to reveal a long line at a buffet, and Manzano at the end of it.

Manzano then tries his luck with a kid who passes by with a plateful of lichen, but of course, the child turns him down, and the ad leads to PSBank, which, according to Manzano, is a place where, unlike the restaurant, he doesn’t need to line-up.

CEO: Teeny Gonzales
Executive Creative Director: Russell Molina 
Creative Directors: Rina dela Calzada
Copywriter: Maki Correa
Art Director: Angel Ramos
COO: Tey San Diego
Business Unit Director: Wella Tan 
Senior Account Manager: Denise Amora 
Producers: Steve Vesagas, Lei Hosseinzadeh-Ang
Director: Sid Maderazo 
Production House: 88-Storey 

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