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NuWorks’ Brave Take on “Return on Experience”

Designing Holistic, Measurable On-line and Off-line Experiences that Impact Bottom Line

“Customer Experience” (CX) is fast becoming a buzz word in the brand and marketing industry. In a recent survey conducted by WARC, 2018 is projected to be the year when CX will be gaining ground as businesses move towards building and transforming brands within a digital context. As the landscape gears up for this shift, understanding of Experience Design is quickly becoming one of the must-haves for businesses and agencies.

For NuWorks, CX has been integral not only in the agency’s development of website and mobile platforms, but also in designing offline consumer interactions with brands. 


In past years, the Experience Design team of NuWorks forged strong collaborations with the internal creative, technology, analytics and media teams to design consumer journeys that will convert experiences into results.

“Experience Design, also known as XD, goes beyond UX/UI (designing a website or mobile interface). At NuWorks, we have broadened our POV and discipline to design experiences in all relevant consumer touchpoints – beyond digital, to make their journey more delightful, their encounters with the brand more memorable” Mica Diaz De Rivera, Head of Experience Design, explains.

This way of looking at the field has allowed the agency to bravely venture and apply the art and science of XD into creative outputs, tech innovations, research and even media strategies.

Media Strategies Powered by Experience Design and Data

“It’s one thing to be able to measure return on media money investment with today’s diverse touchpoint options. But on top of that, we are also passionate in converting media experiences into business wins that improve the bottom line,” states Meryll Torres, Senior Media Executive. 

NuWorks’ Media Department has taken the dual approach of ROI + ROE in planning and executing plans for its roster of clients. “It’s imperative to actually harness the power of experiences in every step of the way,” Torres adds. 

One of the notable success stories of the agency when it comes to ROI + ROE in Media is the recent Gold Winner in the 2018 Asia Pacific Festival of Media Awards, Belo BB Body Spray’s “Flawless for All” campaign. Alongside a powerful creative material that got millions of views, media worked with analytics, social, and XD teams to come up with strategies to instantly convert engagement. 

For Dino Romero, Head of Analytics, “Engagement is interest. We see that a lot in social. However, only a few brands capitalize on that interest to further bring them in closer to conversion. We see and hear it a lot in buy & sell FB pages – ‘HM (how much) sis?’ – what if someone went beyond giving them the price and put them just one step away to buying the product?”

“This is where XD comes in – aside from delighting the consumer with experiences, we also take out the friction to ease consumers into conversion. What if after asking, they’re given a link that will have them purchasing without going to the brick-and-mortar store?” Mica Diaz De Rivera adds.

As a result, the Belo “Flawless for All” campaign which sported an XD and data-powered execution – with no ATL support – helped increase retail sales by 113% and e-commerce sales by 400% by harnessing the power of 6.5 million engagements on its Facebook page. 

Pioneering Experience Researches that Connect On-line to Off-line: A Feel of the “Pulse” and “Taste” of the Consumer

DeepDive, a collaboration project among Experience Design, Tech, and Strategy Departments of NuWorks, ventures deeper into CX in Q3 of 2018 by going closer to point of sale and “point of experience.” 

Initially launched in 2017 as a pre-testing process for digital content using neuroscience and eye tracking to measure emotions towards an online video, the team is set to deploy DeepDive for measuring emotions – this time in product experiences like tasting food, and channel experiences in shopper marketing. 

As of writing, NuWorks is already working with different pilot brands for the expansion of the DeepDive service that will give us deeper insights on how consumers “feel” and taste” brand experiences.

“We’ve always been curious – how will the emotions evoked in communications be carried all throughout the shopper marketing and actual product experience stages? This is very exciting for us as it brings us closer to the true nature of an integrated experience campaign – while still putting the heart of the human person in the middle of everything,” said Manny Gonzales, Strategic Planning Director of NuWorks.

Brave Innovations that Enriches Human Experiences

Jeff Saez, Chairman and President of NuWorks, mentions “At the end of the day, innovation should always point back to making human experiences better. We call it Storyteching, the NuWorks way of working. We do not innovate just for the sake of just being high-tech.  This guiding principle is what inspires us to be brave in coming up with ideas and solutions for our clients, and for the consumers.”

As NuWorks moves into the territory of innovative solutions for marketing communications, business, and technology, customer experience will always be its overarching currency and metric in determining success in achieving objectives. 

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